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Sky Needle

Sky Needle are a group from Brisbane. After a fantastic 7″ as a trio, they gained a member and continue to explore their sound.

“Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies cassette from this great Brisbane quartet who play toy and homemade instruments with alla the mystery and elan of Harry Partch’s song-studies or the first two Godz LPs. Featuring Joel Stern and Sarah Byrne of Greg Boring, Byrne’s vocals get all the way out into the kind of post-tongue vectors of Amy Sheffer or Patty Waters while the group dunt and rock behind her, confusing fourth world timbres with punk primitive chops and really odd/hypnotic sound structures. Pretty singular: if the latest incarnation of ESP-Disk really knew what they were doing they’d snap these guys up for a full-length. Recommended.” -Volcanic Tongue

Brisbane group consisting of Alex Cuffe, Ross Manning, Joel Stern and Sarah Byrne.