Albert's Basement



A very personal record, not in a heart-on-sleeve kind of way, but to put this record on is to step into a world of it’s own musical logic, a world foreign but also comforting.” -Raf Spielman, Eggy Records

direct, primal & heartfelt. All’s of which takes me back to this Muura record. There’s even passages on here where I swear I can hear some Moondog tugs in the harbor.” – Roland Woodbe, Siltblog

Sounds like guitar amp, percussion and who knows what else, elegantly arcing into something that could be garbage or could be a flower. Either way, it’s about the sound not the smell, and this one will keep you scratching in wonder.” – Byron Coley, Size Matters, The Wire

Each of these sides sounds like a single cell of feedback noise from a Butthole Surfers or Fushitsusha show ca. 1998, concentrated and amplified as though it alone were the point.” – Brendon Annesley, Negative Guest List