Albert's Basement

Secret Valley

Debut cassette sold out, Glisten e.p. 12″ out now!

Natalie K & Dan Cross

“Opening track and potential mega-radio-hit The Night Life is an ode to living only for the weekend. It is pure electro-dance-pop and catchy as heck, with hazy boy/girl vocals advocating a lifestyle of hedonistic, wasted abandon over the mundane alternative of a well adjusted yet unfulfilled working life. The theme might be vacuous but the yearning for something more exciting is easy to relate to, all the same. You Will Never Be Satisfied opens with a cheapo drum machine and simple but quietly powerful keyboard line, which work their casio magic as a tale of bitter rejection and heartache is narrated in the first person. It is a nice counterpoint to the overt superficiality of The Night Life and adds some basic emotional depth to the album. Glitter Lung brings the noise and some abstract quirks to the foreground, with epic distorted keys and a demented chorus. What the hell is a glitter lung?”
– Matt Kennedy, 4ZZZ Brisbane

“Secret Valley play drum machine propelled international pop underground moves, with moody boy/girl vocals over bursts of fuzz guitar and a kind of Primitive Calculators-‘meets-Bitch Prefect feel.”
– David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

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