Albert's Basement

A Band Called Life

Can’t recall being so completely captivated by a weirdo 7” this side of, what, Beyond The Implode? The Bowles? Either way this is fantastic and highly recommended.” -David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

Sardonic, but there’s a faint gentleness there, a warmth. A tepid warmth but. Go get ye the disc!!!” -Matt Middleton

The words–ranted, layered, and strewn like a cardboard box shredded in a rainstorm–speak obtusely of fuck buddies and deep paranoia.” -S Morris-White, Buffet Of Loathesome

..the best experimental minimalist punk set you’ve heard since you first laid your ears on Pumice, or Babe, Terror, or Lemon Kittens” – Grant Purdem, Tiny Mix Tapes

Comes over like Messrs Anus and Horribly Charred Infant eschewing comic books and cartoons for a major bummer sitting in on demo sessions by The Shadow Ring. My copy carried faint whiffs of cod roe and garden centre, though I can’t promise you’ll be as lucky.” – Spencer McGrady (Single Cream), Record Collector Magazine

touch upon the dizzying guitar spiral, drunken shakers, hotel-front-desk bells, and general sense of horror that makes “Supine and Generative” tick like a timebomb” – Grant Purdem, Tiny Mix Tapes