Albert's Basement

Silk Ears

A collaboration of Dimitra Bucolo, Hugh Young and Michael Zulicki. In melbourne, australia.

There’s a new untitled tape on alberts basement available now.

Also, a cassette has been released on the wonderful Goaty Tapes label in America, go to to have a look, here’s a track off it:

“A House” by silk ears

Silk Ears – Bed Room Water
So I am sitting in front of my stereo with an impossibly large pile of tapes to listen to and the afternoon dwindling and yet I can’t help myself from listening to this Silk Ears tape twice all the way through. Sprawling, directionless, We-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck, zero-fidelity, bedroom mess of weirdly brilliant songs, if they are songs even. Drums, bass, guitar three piece from Victoria, Australia, playing is primitive at best but I get the sense that these two guys and a gal have got deep record collections. Not that they SOUND like other bands, but that they’ve got that intuitive sense of what sounds good. The group starts upright, if teetering, moving more-or-less together through the first number but it’s not long before all organized momentum dissipates and the music is let loose to drift in hazy, outer zones. Two singers, boy and girl, the girl a dead ringer for Karianne from the Whines, every time she pops up it really hits you in the gut — distant and immediate, witchy and melancholy. Wait around for Side B when she really lets loose, it sends chills up the spine. Really fucking good tape. OK, as finish typing this the tape is finishing out it’s third time through. I move on reluctantly. $6 – Raf Spielman, Eggy Records.