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Siltbreeze t-shirts – Gary Panter design. 1xL, 1xM, 1xS available $30

L$D Fundraiser Witness Disco LP on CocoMuseReleases $30
Amazing shimmering psychedelic LP of fine tasting guitar, keyboard, effects and sound sludge out of Dunedin. First full length vinyl after numerous cassettes, lathes and whatnot, and you can tell as the craft is rich. Riding quite the wave.

Ov Pain LP on CocoMuseReleases $25

Fordamning #14 Harry Pussy, Xpressway & Black Petal $5

Mike Collino Empire/Flat Rock cassette on Thalamos $12

Allen Mozek Misopedia cassette on Thalamos $12

Kostas Kefalianos Phlegma cassette on Thalamos $12

Half High cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $8

Ghost Hobo cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $8
Absolutely bonkers. No New York and Charlemagne Palestine by the river smoking… find it on the B side.
Great tape. Live at Life groove cafe.

E24k Headache Frequency Removed cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $8

The Sha Lost Recordings vol 1 3xCD-R on Chemical Imbalance $20

Club Sound Witches Alien Pop Muzak cassette on Chemical Imbalance $12

Ross Manning Both Sides of the Cocoon cassette on Chemical Imbalance $12

Low Flung Plane Noise cassette on Chemical Imbalance $10

P Wits S/T CD-R on Chemical Imbalance $10

默契 Moe Chee Be It Hot, Humid or Ghostly Cold CD-R on Shamefile $12

Sun Ra Live In Bloomington in 1977 cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Cretins of Distortion fanzine issue 10 (w flexi) $15

Dariush Dolat-Shahi Electronics, Tar and Sehtar (Benefit) cassette on Loathed Sound $12

The Jazz Destroyers Live in Kent, Ohio cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders The Trance of Seven Colours cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Dr Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken In Town cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Jennifer Lara Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) and Sun Ra and the Myth Science Arkestra A Black Mass cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Grounation cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Charles Tyler Eastern Man Alone cassette on Loathed Sound $12

The Pink Floyd Live with Syd Barrett (Sweden 1967) cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Abwarts Amok Koma cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Elmo Hope Ensemble Sounds from Rikers Island cassette on Loathed Sound $12

Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble Hard Luck Soul cassette on Loathed Sound $12

TMA-1 Screech! LP on Ready to Rock Records $32

She She… Wants a piece of you! LP on Big Beat Records $35

Joan La Barbara Tapesongs LP on Arc Light Editions $35

Timo Van Luijk and Mark Harwood Circular Vang LP on Penultimate Press $32

Astor cassette on Penultimate Press $15

Henning Christiansen Op.166 Rødhætte/Ruinmusik 7″ on Penultimate Press $16

Princess Nokia 1992 cassette on Rough Trade $12

Princess Nokia 1992 deluxe 2xLP on Rough Trade $55 (black wax) or $70 (blue/yellow wax) -comes with poster & sticker sheet

V/A Tokyo Flashback PSF psychedelic sampler 2xLP on Black Editions $65

Pauline Anna Strom Trans-Millenia Music 2xLP on RVNG International $58

Sparrow Steeple A Aardvark 12″ on Ever/Never $32

LSD March Empty Rubious Red LP on Tequila Sunrise $25

Parnsip 7″ on Anti Fade $12

“Metal Gun” 7″ from Meat Thump on Coward Punch Records $15

Greta Now LP $25 (self-released edition of 200)

TSA Home of the Green Wave LP $32 (self released)

Nudge Squidfish You can’t have aliens without the squid LP on Feeding Tube $35

Sun Ra and His Band From Outer Space Disco 3000/The Antique Blacks cassette on Loathed Sound $13

Phillis Dillon One Life To Live cassette on Loathed Sound $13

VU Live in Columbus, Ohio cassette on Loathed Sound $13

Vertical Slit Slit and pre Slit cassette on Loathed Sound $13

Church Shuttle Blight Ride cassette on Lost In The Flood $12

Gauze & Ivory Band Scrape the Door cassette on All Gone $10

Christopher Alan Durham Say Hello to the End cassette on All Gone $10

The Mermaids For More Smoking Pleasure LP on Pulled Out Records $28 (ltd 150 copies)

Vavenge IV LP on Pulled Out Records $28 (ltd 150 copies)

Assetstripper cassette on Ready To Rock Records $10 (album length, ltd 40 copies)

Sacred Product Never the Mortgage LP on Ready to Rock Records $30 (ltd 150 copies)

Enhet För Fri Musik Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig LP on Omlott $35
New 2017 LP from Sweden’s EFFM. Psych music with a pretty gatefold spread. Gothenburg family band. Wunderbar, happy chewing.

Sewer Election Nära LP on Järtecknet $35

Blod Leendet Från Helvetet cassette $12.5

Arv & Miljö cassette on I Dische Del Barone $12.50

Blue Chemise 7″ on I Dische Del Barone $13

Glands Of Eternal Secretion 7″ on I Dische Del Barone $13

Fördämning Issue 13 $5

Algebra Suicide Feminine Squared LP on Dark Entries $32

Stefan Christensen Shake Off The Village LP on C/Site Recordings $28

The New Existentialists Elton John b/w Mysteries Of The Worm 7″ on Spacecase Records $13

The Klitz Live at the Well 7″ on Spacecase Records $13

Stroker Dolores cassette on Monorail Tresspassing $13

Gene Pick Adhesion Coefficient cassette on Monorail Tresspassing $13

Broom Dusters 23hours 30minutes CD on Puriva $20
Recorded live in Tokyo 1997.

Keiji Haino Watashi Dake? LP on Black Editions $48

Bloody Burka/Poptard split cassette on Chemical Imbalance $9

[Syd.Tek-No?] C60 Mixtape on Chemical Imbalance $10

Stranger Still Strange CD-R on Chemical Imbalance $9

Mittabong November Sessions ’16 Part 1 2xCD-R on Chemical Imbalance $17

V/A Label Showcase #2 Live Comp 3xCassette on Chemical Imbalance $22

Dogon Lock Earliest Forms Of Magic cassette on Barbaric Cultural Practices $13

39 Clocks Pain It Dark cassette on Luxury Products $14

Axemen Derry Legend cassette on Luxury Products $14

Costis Drygianakis The Stone Which the Builders Rejected cassette on Noise Below $19

Optical Musics The First Words (Recordings 1984 – 1987) 2xCD/book on More Mars/Noise Below $30
2 disc & 64-page book documenting the strange, surprising and wonderful experimental music of Optical Musics, a Greek improvising group active since ’84. One to dip your head deep into. Wild stuff. This is the english version. Fuck yes.

Anne-F Jacques & Takamitsu Ohta Two Forms of Contact with Objects cassette on More Mars $12

Pablo Picco The Bombastic and Repetitive Sounds Of Tashi Ling Buddhas in Pokhara, Nepal cassette on More Mars $12

Fun With Nuns LP on More Mars $25

Nail Club Talking It Over cassette on Tunnel Secret $7

Vega, Chilton, Vaughn Cubist Blues Live In France 2LP on Light In The Attic $35

Tiger Joanie Scott Baby I Need You b/w Kansas City 7″ on Light In The Attic $19

Pigeons Buoy 7″ on Soft Abuse $12

The Bibs From The Fishhouses LP on Soft Abuse $32

TetRMplex Mr Mercury cassette on Chemical Imbalance $10
re-issue of a gorgeous ambient techno “banger” from Matt Earle’s Blue Mountains past (this release came out on member Ryko’s then Blue Mountains based imprint In The Other Room). Blissful and euphoric in a similar manner that Asmus Tietchen’s Tiels Tiels album is, but with a growingly denser, heavier and waaaay headier feel. Just 20 copies. Take me to the club.

Gravel Samwidge Home Brand cassette on Chemical Imbalance $8
Classic dirty pop/sludge n roll from QLD’s Gravel Samwidge, who crawled out of the bunker to deliver this 6-song mini-album. Includes gorgeous Sunday a duet with Bek Moore of Scrabbled/Clag fame, and as per usual Kitchen Floor’s Matt Kennedy on geetar and Alex “Sleepy” Morrison from Mutanteer on drums etc. Edition of 40 tapes.

Leighton Craig Wind Songs 8″ lathe on Kindling $27
Set of ambient pop dirges from member of Primitive Motion and The Deadnotes. Limited to 40 copies.

Small World Experience Soft Knocks LP on Tenth Court $27
Brissie label Tenth Court drop the new LP from sublime indie rockers SWE, their first since Side Projects, which came out nearly 20 years ago on Chapter. Bright & rich instrumentation with lyrics and phrasing so sublime you’ll choke on it. They’re simply one of Aus’s best bands.

Small World Experience Side Projects Cassette on Tenth Court $12

Thigh Master Early Times LP on Coolin’ By Sound $27

School Damage School Damage cassette on Anti Fade Records $12

Mutanteer Cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $10
New tape on Breakdance The Dawn (BDTD252) from this strange and wonderful outfit of Alex “Sleepy” Morrison and friends that hovers between being a proggy lofi soft rock band and an ambient/drone project, always intimate and fun. This is the very limited band addition with hand drawn covers by Rebecca Hlodich (Bad Intentions/Toilet Roll Dolls).

Stefan Christensen Open Day 7″ on I Dische Del Barone $12

Karen Constance Gudgeon Snout CD-R on Chocolate Monk $12
Smack Music 7 and Blood Stereo nutsy master going solo, whirs, hoots and huh?s. From 2007 & 2017. 50 copies.

Andrew Chalk Vega CD on Faraway Press $25
2014 album.

Vicki Jackman Of Beauty Reminiscing CD on Faraway Press $25
2011 CD edition of a 2006 album from Vicki Jackman.

The Curse Weird Feelings 7″ $12
The Curse, with their lineup reshuffled offer up their self released debut 7″ Weird Feelings containing 4 songs of warm, addictive, somewhat straight ahead indie jangle/pop but one that is drenched in rich maple syrup and arising as a wise war horse out of a midnight dark sea.

Elodie La Lumiere Parfumee CD on Faraway Press $25
Gorgeous CD. The special Elodie’s 2nd album from 2011. Handmade mini LP-style CD sleeve.

Maya Dunietz and Tom White Summer Crash CD on Singing Knives $13
Can’t stop listening to this flat out swinging new collaboration from Israeli Maya Dunietz and British Tom White. Maya Dunietz handles vocals, piano and harp and Tom White tapes and feedback. The four long tracks of “Summer Crash” are almost crushing in their beauty. The vocals are heady & hypnotic, raw and scary, while the tape & feedback take somewhat of a backseat but are strikingly understated and very compelling. A varied release that keeps you on the edge of your seat and with some truly sublime moments. On the Singing Knives label out of Sheffield who also brought us the excellent Dylan Nyoukis LP (also back in stock). In what’s been an introduction to both artists for me, this is a surprising release and a real burner! :)

Look Blue Go Purple Still Bewitched 2xLP on Flying Nun $48
Much adored quintessential Flying Nun Dunedin combo LGBP’s three EP’s with an added killer live side of them playing at Christchurch’s Canterbury University, Wellington’s Victoria University and Motueka throughout the mid-80’s. A blast to hear this.

Neutral Neutral LP on Omlott $38
Sweden’s Neutral deliver their 2nd LP and it’s here, after a seemingly impossible to find debut album released in 2014. It’s my introduction to the band. Gorgeous bass and keys pieces some of which that bring to mind Drunk Elk, but with a somewhat ever present reel-to-reel tape machine, and more of a brittle fuckery- in that half the songs feel like they might disintegrate into noise, tape loops and field recordings, and they do, and it’s beautiful. There’s a few heavy industrial burners on the slab too. Monstrous. Nice gatefold LP.

The Splinter Orchestra Mungo 3CD on Splitrec $32
An astonishing 3CD set of fucked up and completely serene experimental drone and extended technique everything from one of Australia’s most exciting current ensembles The Splinter Orchestra. Executed with a hovering & soulful alien abandon and a powerful sense of purpose & grace, they navigate Mungo National Park in west New South Wales over a series of movements armed with two stereo mics. Results are just beautiful & intoxicating. Get ready to trance out. I’ll let you draw comparisons. My mind runs wild…

Matthew Revert Illness Seminars cassetts on No Rent Records $12
Pretty fantastic, caringly put together spoken, mumbled text voicings with violin and electronic clatter banging around in the skull from Melbourne based Matthew Revert.

Yan Jun Europe cassette on No Rent Records $12
Yan Jun from Lanzhou in central north-western China serves up a platter of fine no-input mixer signals based off found recordings.

Reptile Ranch LP on C/Site Recordings $30
Great LP collecting 2 singles, a comp track and unreleased recordings from this charming late 70’s Cardiff, UK post punk band who self released and were distro’d by Rough Trade back when.

XWave cassette on C/Site Recordings $10
2017 US release for our beloved rock n rollez XWave. Edition of 75.

The Sha cassette on C/Site Recordings $10
The Sha. Earle and Sussman from XWave with Christopher Durham.

xNOBBQx Alpha Gal cassette on C/Site Recordings $10
Relatively recent no bbq album released on C/Site out of the US.

Club Sound Witches Hashram cassette on Post-Materialization Music $13
The latest Club Sound Witches, on a Russian label. The Club Sound Witches brew is one that I love dearly. Listening to deep bliss…

Smegma Self-titled cassette on Post-Materialization Music $13 -sold out
1 studio recording (2011) and 1 live recording (2015) from Los ANgeles Free Music Society royalty Smegma. Many sounds. Always strange. Got another great Smegma tape at the moment on a Greek label (this one is out of Russia) which would make a great tandem of excellent wonk atmosphere.

The Pidephiles/Unique Oil Free Air split cassette on Grog Pappy $9
The Pidephiles are a mystery to me but sound like a murky noise act of the reasonably relaxed variety. This is a live document and a shortish tape, maybe 10 minutes a side. UOFA is the strange noise act of Adam Park from The Perfect Lovers, Girls Girls Girls, Sprot etc. that side is a darting sewer rat of sonic pulses and gasps poured into a tube for easy digestion. Recorded @ the pharmacy Newcastle 2014.

Cone Puncher c60 cassette on Grog Pappy $9
Noise music by someone called Jake. Mixer/Feedback squeal, slop and rumble of sorts. Quite a nice walk down Serenade Avenue. C60, comes with stickers.

Myjercall Leashtins & One String Jim Dolphin Purring cassette on Grog Pappy $9
a real honker. Michael Liestins (Grog Pappy head) using Guitar and 8-track with his buddy Jim on one string violin. A great strange, and well deep at c90, concoction, Newcastle styles. I think they cover Les Rallisez Denudes Night of the assassin at one point but it sounds like it’s being skronked on a harmonica. You get my gist. Strange glistening loops and drone, a heady tape you can really lose yourself in. Limited to 20 copies.

Synchronised Periods Crimson Tide I cassette on Grog Pappy $9
A new Newcastle group popped up on Grog Pappy with two tapes recorded six days apart. Mellow doomy Crumbling tape hiss, burps and drones with what sounds like pre-recorded vocal interjections. Initially sounds like a muddier Absurd Cosmos Late Nite. The band features both Mermaids and two or three others. They played two and 1/2 blocks from my house last year before I owned their music and I missed it, hope they come back. Each tape limited to 24 copies.

Synchronised Periods Crimson Tide II cassette on Grog Pappy $9
Tapes, electronics, field recordings. This band is really quite beautiful.

Sindre Bjerga Breaking Down the Speed of Sound cassette on Grog Pappy $9
Was curious from the get-go to hear this as Sindre runs a label Gold Soundz that has brought me nice slabs that I’ve enjoyed by Christina Carter and Kjetil D Bransdal. Two live recordings recorded in 2016 in Germany.
Real quiet trance drone shimmer rumble was what I got maybe? Limited to 20 copies.

Bad Taste A Selection of Sounds from the NZ Underground cassette on Chemical Imbalance $12
A wild ride 90-minute compilation of tracks from the New Zealand underground put together with the assistance of Stefan Neville and Clayton Noone. Classics like Futurians, Witcyst, Pumice, CJA and Greymouth are represented alongside newer projects like File Folder and L$D fundraiser. Anything with a Futurians track on it will be worth your clams, but this has a fair bit more meat. Only 50 copies.

Suburban Cracked Collective Pineal Dreams cassette on Chemical Imbalance $10
Relatively new project from Shaun Leacy from Newcastle noise group Castings, in a somewhat abstract electronic beats vein, but all relatively easy on the ears.

Laurence Williams s/t cassette on Chemical Imbalance $10
Member of new Sydney post-punk act Placeholder and apparently Mob at somepoint too, Laurence delivers two long and reasonably serene noise soundscapes on his debut solo tape.

G. Dicksson/Blodvite split LP on Järtecknet $40
Gustaf Dicksson (Blod, Enhet For Fri Musik) offers up a side of loopy tape experimentation/spliced composition of old Swedish vocal recordings. It’s good! Blodvite side I haven’t heard yet, but it is another Gothenburg drone head Viktor Ottosson. Only 120 copies of this slab.

Amph/Arv & Miljö Nordiska Ljud – NR. 1 LP on Järtecknet $37
A split LP. Amph is an experimental noise duo from Malmö, Sweden. Their side is a 19-minute piece of captivating ambience and I like it. An industrial feel but not harsh at all, quite serene. Arv & Miljö is Matthias Anderson from Gothenburg (Heinz Hopf, Enhet For Fri Musik), I haven’t listened to it yet but can’t wait, I enjoyed the 7″ on I Dische Del Barone, which seemed to centre around a strange field recording. 2013 release. 220 copies. Sells for 175 kroner in Sweden, but you’ll have to pay more for it mate, considering the shipping.

Blod Leendet Från Helvetet LP on Förlag För Fri Musik $40
A full LP platter from the strange Blod out of Sweden. Starts off with a shimmering vibraphone drone and a muted bassey tom drum….which leads to many surprises. it’s a magical lp.

Leda Gitarrmusik III-X LP on Förlag För Fri Musik $40 -Sold out.
Solo LP by Herner (member of Neutral and Enhet For Fri Musik) out of the Gothenburg, Sweden. Great and strange LP. Kinda sounds like if O’Brien/Guerra decided to go on a more cracked industrial feel for their wonderful LP, Leda is awesome!

Enhet För Fri Musik Låt Oss Vada Genom All Ängslan Tillsammans LP on Förlag För Fri Musik $37
EFFM is a new Swedish group consisting of members involved in many projects including Neutral, Leda, Sewer Election, Heinz Hopf, Blod, Arv & Miljo and Amateur Hour. Fascinating LP that shifts throughout it’s duration. Could be mistaken for a Jandek covers record at times, and there’s a sweet dilapidated barroom sax solo that’s really feeling it. Great LP. Release #1 on Forlag For Fri Musik.

Karkhana Nafas/Nefes 7″ on Omlott $15
Gorgeous 7″. Second release from a new band made up of members from Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul. Recorded in Beirut. “Karkhana met in Beirut for the first time in February 2014 with the very ambitious aim to bring together elements from the three major experimental music scenes of the area. The band’s music strives to create a unique musical blend combining free jazz and psychedelic with various shades of ethnic and traditional music, traces of shaabi, tarab… “. On Swedish label Omlott.

Dylan Nyoukis Carrion Hut LP on Singing Knives $25
Amazing strange and masterful vocal tape music. One of the serious magicians of noise wrecking since a very long time. Essential!

Ilta Hämärä Saivo LP on Sloowax $32
First record from the collaboration of Bart de Paepe and Timo van Lujik (Af Ursin). Belgian import. ” like a spectral veil covering an odoriferous botanical garden “.

6xCS Club Sound Witches tape set on Breakdance The Dawn
All 6 Club Sound Witches cassettes on Breakdance The Dawn available as a full set. Go deep. Dance floor and node tingling techno anthems of the best kind. Price and better description possibly coming soon. Feel free to haggle in the meantime. Rare opportunity.

Suzanne Ciani Buchla Concerts 1975 LP on finders keepers $36
Incredible record documenting two mid-70s live performances by Ciani. Beautiful drifting clusters of synth.

Church Shuttle/Dead Flannelette split cassette on Head Tapes $12
Detroit’s Church Shuttle (Chris from The Bibs, Quilt Boy, Roach Clip, Growth Program…) and Dead Flannelette (Melbourne’s Pat O’Brien and Thomas Miller) go head to head on a split tape on new Magik Crowbar sub-label Head Tapes, each going 30-minutes deep into their tangled sonic oeuvres of tape hiss and electronic wonky tonk, bloody great!!!!, I think it’s skronk oclock…. only 36 copies.

Blod Käre Jesus/Mandys Bil 7″ on I Dische Del Barone $13
Strange project out of Gothenburg Sweden from Gustaf who also plays in Enhat For Fri Musik. What sounds like op-shop trad sweden LP’s, field recordings and lofi guitar/keyboard tunes somehow interwoven. Still headscratching here atm… waiting on a full length in the post that might help put our fingers on it… a release on IDDB always seems to be interesting and rewarding with multiple spins.

Sarah Mary Chadwick This Fits/This is familiar 7″ on I Dische Del Barone $13
Chad’s debut on the 7″ format. A real goodie, too. Swedish import.

Fordämning zine #12 “The Utmarken issue” $10
This issue is dedicated to a venue space in Gothenburg Sweden called Utmarken that lived in the late 00’s and early 2010’s.

Blood Stereo The Larval Tuning Fork (& Other Visions) LP on Twisted Knister $30
One of my favourite current bands, out of the UK and the Chocolate Monk scene. Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance make uniquely odd & wonderful, full of life sound wonk with their mouths, objects and cassette machines. Great artwork too. Go for a bloody ride.

Gabi Losoncy Security Besides Love LP on Recital $35
Latest release from Gabi Losoncy out of USA. First on the full length vinyl format after some self releases and outings on Alien Passengers, Caduc and Kye. Contains what sounds like a field recording on a bus capturing a conversation, and a spoken word philosophical essay.

Slugfuckers Three Feet Behind Glass/Instant Classic LP on Insolito Records $30
German issue of a 12″ containing all of the material from the two 1979 impossible to find 7″ releases by incredible Sydney experimental punk band Slugfuckers.

Circle X Untitled 12″ on Insolito $28
German reissue of the 1979 debut from New york “art-rock” punk band Circle X. Fairly nice and noisey. Sounds a bit like the Birthday Party slowed down a notch.

Flying Calvittos Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks 7″ on Insolito $16.50

Performing Ferret Band 7″ on Insolito Records $16.50

Julian Williams Future Dust Cassette on From The Same Mother $6
Julian’s (of Hi God People and Inevitable Orbit) latest album and first cassette release in yonks after many CD’s. On their own FTSM imprint. Somewhere between a 60’s pop album, a 90’s indie rock album and a trippy garden gnome picnic.

Psychick Witch/File Folder split 7″ on Independent Woman Records $35 – Sold out
Psychick Witch is a wonderful piece of psychedelic sludge/bleak industrial power-rock. File Folder (feat Futurian/It Hurts-ian Ducklingmonster) side reminds me of some of them Murderbike dancefloor feels which is a seriously good thing. A side plays at 33rpm, while the flip plays at 45. Release #5 on Independent Woman Records. Only 20 copies.

Elodie Echos Pastoraux LP on La Scie Doree $35
2015 re-issue of the 2011 debut of Elodie. The duo of Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk.
Avant guard soundscapes of flutes, synths, horns, strings and percussion, but usually not all together. Hypnotic and shimmering music. 13 tracks.

Elodie Miniartures Persanes LP on La Scie Doree $37
2014 album (third) from Elodie, the duo of Timo Van Luijk (Finland) and Andrew Chalk (UK). One sidelong track per side.

Elodie Traces Ephémères LP on La Scie Doree $35
By fate, this is the first Elodie record I owned. I fell in love, and have listened to it a lot. An absolutely gorgeous and hypnotic record of avant garde soundscapes. Buy it, and melt into your couch for hours.

Af Ursin Overkant LP on La Scie Doree $37
2014 album from Af Ursin, solo project of Timo van Luijk.

Timo van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten Costa del Luna LP on La Scie Doree $35

Frederik Croene & Timo van Luijk Voile Au Vent LP on La Scie Doree $35

Ghost Hobo cassette $22
Released by the band in an edition of less than 20 copies. Comes housed in paper bark, hand sewn together. Ghost Hobo are a new band from Sydney featuring Andrew and Shota from Splinter Orchestra, and they are in the midst of releasing a series of CD-R’s on Black Petal. They play dilapidated, sweet acoustic guitar plucks, rocks, and strangles, with a bit of voice. Long, beautiful, periods of near silence are a part of their soulful music. Love it. Like a sound you might stumble upon walking by the river, coming out from in the bushes, afternoon sun streaming down on the water, you stop for a moment and listen. A moment can be an hour.

Tommy Jay’s Tall tales of trauma 2LP on Assophon $52
This spiked & glittery gem of delicious, strange and straight up genius pop originally surfaced out of Ohio in ’86 on Mike Rep’s Old Age No Age imprint. It then got re-issued on LP and CD (with bonus tracks) in 2008, long sold out. Now, in 2017 we are able to own this “unknown classic” as a 2LP featuring all the bonus tracks from the CD and another bunch (five or six was it??) of previously unreleased and never heard songs from the same sessions. And the thing sounds so complete, like a hidden classic you’ve uncovered from a dark corner of your garden, get ready to be revitalised. Oh joy. *will keep you spinning for years on end, buy one copy now and you will have it as company forever*

Graham Lambkin Two points on the angle cassette on No Rent Records $30
Lambkin’s latest limited to 200 copies on No Rent. Inflated price because these were fuckin expensive to get in. Sold out at the source though, so this is you’re only chance. I doubt Lambkin will disappoint.

Mike Rep and The Quotas Hellbender LP on Hozac $35
’75-’78 era Mike Rep. The one and only when he was young & feisty (well that hasn’t changed). Think Rocket to Nowhere and It’s My Movie (two of his best & insane punk rock tracks), and throw in all the unreleased gems that were recorded around that time. A gorgeous portal into Rep’s world of two-chord dunt, rich croon swagger and sonic wonder (or is that blunder? :D)

Amanaz Africa 2LP on Now Again Records $55
Really hot re-issue of an impossible to find 1975 LP by Amanaz out of Zambia, Africa. Originally re-issued in 2008 and then impossible to find again, here it is again in an expanded format with a second disc containing a different mix. This would actually make a sweet accompaniment to the Tall Tales Of Trauma record, even if this is a little more laid back, it’s still dosed with superb & divine vocal delivery, twang and an intoxicating (righteous) atmosphere.

Witch Introduction LP on Now Again Records $35

Harry Bertoia Clear Sounds/Perfetta LP on Sonambient $38

Sister Feedback+filterlife LP $32
Great LP of cracked psychedelic guitar and bass frequency fuckery from Melbourne-based duo Sister. Self released edition of 102 LPs.

Ross Manning Wrong notes CD-R $14 -Sold out
Self released CD-R for his European tour. Crudely burnt and marked CD-R that comes in a mini printed zine style booklet as an oversized cover. 4 tracks, around 34 minutes of burning, crumbling, humming and rummaging cacophony.

Ross Manning Harmonious angles LP $24
The 2012 debut self released by Ross responsible for getting him signed to Vitrine and Greedy Ventilator.

Ross Manning LED 10″ $22
Stand out release in Ross’s catalogue due to it’s feel.

Ross Manning Deforming A Virtual Ribbon cassette on More Mars $14
Ross’s latest cassette (2016 release) and first for More Mars out of Greece, who have also put out a great record by Philip Corner.

Dylan Nyoukis That one looks odd in the head mini book on Chocolate Monk $10

Karen Constance & Elkka Nyoukis Bicker Sweet CD-R on Chocolate Monk $10 -Sold out

Dan Melchior Seaslime CD-R on Chocolate Monk $10

Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis Dropout elements CD-R on Chocolate Monk $10 -Sold out

Stefan Jaworzyn, Dylan Nyoukis & S. Glass My disgusting heart CD-R on Chocolate Monk $10 -Sold out

The Tenses + Bren’t Lewis Ensemble Daughter of the boot CD-R on Chocolate Monk $10

Collector Triple Crown LP on Drawing Heat $22

Suburban Cracked Collective These Awkward Fractions… cassette on Altered States $7

2200 Live cassette on Altered States $7

Circular Ruins The Thorned Maze cassette on Altered States $7

Jerome The Ship Has Sailed cassette on Altered States $7

Strange Stains Bogan Atmosphere cassette on Dubbed Tapes $10

Electropulse Voices 7″ on LCMR $20

Dag Benefits Of Solitude LP on Bedroom Suck $28
New modern day, dark and bright indie-pop-opus with a classic feeling from Brisbane’s (now Melbourne …hush hush…) Dusty Anastassiou who spent time in the very special Scrabbled cartel songwriting alongside Bek Moore, of Clag fame, and whom will be a shining light forever in our minds. This LP is the follow up to the Dogwood cassette on Virtual Cool, which, if you snagged one, probably has its tape spools well worn because it was an addictive nugget. Benefits of solitude is out now on Bedroom Suck dug up fresh, and does not disappoint. We will hold dusty and his music dearly in our hearts. The Scrabbled connection is strong with Skye McNicol on Violin and Henry Mills-whom recorded Welcome To Pig City- drops another warm saxophone melody on us.

The And Band/Perfect Strangers- Noli Me Tangere 7″ re-issue on Look Plastic/Noisyland $15 – Sold out!
a Christchurch, NZ classic from early 80’s feat members of the Spies. Experimental punk and improvised noise with at times a musique concrete slant. Beautiful music. The re-ish has been funded by Look Plastic (Lynton from Sacred Prpduct/The Satanic Rockers) and Noisyland (Stu Kawowski, The Axemen).

Drunk ELk LP Reissue of the Inverted Crux tape on House Rules $32
Possibly the best band in Australia. They just get better and better. This is their first release and it’s brilliant, and their only release with no guitar on it. Originally self released on CD, then a cassette edition on Inverted Crux.

Ragtime Frank 3xCD-R on Black Petal $17
great new release from now tasmanian based RF who has links to The Invisible Empire/Lost Domain, and plays a hot griddle gospel blues attack most nights. 1 disc with a drummer, 1 disc with another, and 1 solo. Black Petal does it again. Packages are always gorgeous to look at and touch/unfurl.

Ghost Hobo- untitled CD-R Vol. 2 on Black Petal $12
new duo from Shota and Andrew who you may know from Prophets, SAL, Life Groove Orchestra or Place Holder. This is a real treat, hollowed out open air canvas for two acoustic guitars and occasional voice murmurs. beautiful stuff. Ghost Hobo.

Galah Galah Galah- untitled CD-R on Black Petal $12
members of xNoBBQx, Mad Nanna, Mysteries Of Love and Love Chants. and anyway with a band name like that you can’t go wrong. Beaut.

Ghost Hobo- untitled CD-R Vol. 1 on Black Petal $10

Drunk Elk- Constellations 2×7″ on Black Petal $18 -sold out!

Kraus- Grip The Moon tape $14

Kraus- Red, Green and Blue tape $14

Ruth White- Flowers Of Evil LP on Black Mass Rising (3rd edition) $45

Lucifer- Black Mass LP on Black Mass Rising $42

Nice Weather For War V/A CD on Kye $25

The Rangoons A Postcard From Rangoon Island cassette on Paradise Daily $7

Moonmilk The Winter Sun Has Teeth cd-r on Doctor Guten Tag $10

Propeller Rough Patch 7″ on Buttercup Records $12

Popolice Idealism cassette on Segue $9

Popolice Live Melb 2014 cassette on Segue $9

Popolice Mover Shaker CD on Segue $9

Popolice Live 2004-2008 CD on Segue $9

Popolice S/T (NF-001) CD on No Frills $9

Popolice The Secret Squirrel CD on No Frills $9

New Estate Live ’05 CD on Segue $9

New Estate Considering… CD on W.Minc Productions $9

hMAS Fear God Honour The King lp on Homeless $27

Sunken Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve CD on Pseudo Arcana $14

Drunk Elk Constellations double 7″ on Black Petal $19

LST Th Duo LP on Another Dark Age $27

Cured Pink ’11 Put Aside 12″ on Another Dark Age $22

Patti Smith Munich Monologue cassette on Sloow tapes $13 -sold out

Raising Holy Sparks Old Times and End Times cassette on Sloow tapes $13

Hans Plomp Mutantra Prophecies and Spells cassette on Sloow tapes $13

Amanita Vulva Dwellers Of Kleine Eiland cassette on Sloow tapes $13

Blue Chemise cassette on Greedy Ventilator $7.50 -sold out

Ross Manning Delicate Shades Of Hell cassette on Greedy Ventilator $7.50 -sold out

The Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter $9.50

Pumice Poise etc LP on Planam $30 -sold out

Pumice Fool Fool fool moon 10″ on doubtful sounds $22

Seating Plan cassette on Paradise Daily $7

Video Ezy cassette on Paradise Daily $7

Crys Cole Sand / Layna LP on Black Truffle Records $31

Zaika Live At The Mink cassette on Yod Tapes $14

Gate / Tom Carter 7″ on Carbon Records $19

Charalambides Branches cd-r on Wholly Other $14.50

Charalambides Joy Shapes CD on Kranky $20

Charalambides Likeness CD on Kranky $20

Charalambides Exile CD on Kranky $21.50

Charalambides Rose/Thorn LP on Klang Industries $25

Tom Carter Monument CD on Kranky $19.50

Tom Carter Shots At Infinity 1 CD on Important Records $16.50

Tom Carter Skyline Grinder cd-r on Wholly Other $12.50

The Bastard Wing Crystal Thicket CD on Free Porcupine Society $14

Tom Carter & Pat Murano Kawnyarna CD on Dub Ditch Picnic $19

Tom Carter & Pat Murano Four Infernal Rivers 2LP on Mie Music $45

Friday Group Who Wants To Look At A Bunch Of Broken Pottery When You Can Haul Ass Down The Free-way Single-sided LP on Wholly Othe $28

Spiderwebs Brighton Beach LP on Wholly Other $30

Sarin Smoke Smokescreen LP + CD on Three Lobed Recordings $29

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Straight To Video LP on Straight To Video Records $35

True Believers Accept It! 7″ on Hozac $14

Mike Rep and The Quotas Mama Was A Schitzo Daddy Was A Vegetable Man 7″ on Hozac $14

Electric Eels Accident 7″ on Hozac $14

Southern Comfort Suzanne 7″ on Hozac $13

Repairs 7″ on Hozac $13

Miss Destiny 7″ on Hozac $13

Nun LP on Hozac $27

Howling Gruel’s Jolly Jape LP on Wormwood Grasshopper $24 -Sold out

Blue Suede Platforms cassette on All Gone $9.50

Band Without A Name cassette on All Gone $9.50

Growth Program cassette on All Gone $9.50

Government Research cassette on All gone $9.50

Gxnt Valentine / J. R. H. N. B. R. split cassette on All Gone $9.50

Rob Buick Triumph 2xCD on Black Monk $17

Moniek Darge Sounds Of Sacred Places CD on Kye $24

Joe McPhee & John Snyder To Be Continued LP on Kye $30 -Sold out

Malcolm Goldstein Full Circle Sounding LP on Kye $30

John Gibson Visitations LP on Superior Viaduct $30

Phil Niblock Nothing To Look At Just A Record LP on Superior Viaduct $30

Henry Flynt Graduation 2LP on Superior Viaduct $36

Areski/Brigitte Fontaine Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme LP on Superior Viaduct $30

ZNR Barricade 3 LP on Superior Viaduct $32

Pip Proud A Bird In The Engine LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -back in stock!

Pip Proud Adrenaline and Richard LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -back in stock!

Electric Eels Spin Age Blasters/Bunnies 7″ on Superior Viaduct $14

Pink Section s/t LP on Superior Viaduct $30

Alain Goraguer La Planète Sauvage Original Soundtrack LP on Superior Viaduct $35

Inflatable Boy Clams s/t 2×7″ on Superior Viaduct $23

The Sleepers Painless Nights LP on Superior Viaduct $29

Mike Rep and the Quotas A Tree Stump Named Desire CD on Anyway Records $18

Mike Rep and the Quotas Black Hole Rock CD on Old Age/No Age $18

Monster Monster Monster Primitive World CD $12

Go Genre Everything Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness CD $12

Go Genre Everything Natural Disaster CD $14

Various Artists Voooxing Poooêtre CD on Recital $22.50

Idea Fire Company Rags To Riches LP on Recital $32

Bum Creek Smooth MDMA cassette $14

Waterfall Person Bug Byte cassette on Moontown Records $7

Kraus Here Come The Recorders cassette $11

Bull Tongue Review #2 $15

Kraus Supreme Commander LP on Moniker Records $29 -Back in stock

Judith Malina We Are All Holy cassette on Sloow Tapes $12

John Chick Hippie Histories cassette on Sloow Tapes $12

Bart De Paepe Blood Clot In the Brain cassette on Sloow Tapes $12

Antti Tolvi Ultrakosmos cassette on Sloow Tapes $12

Axemen Scary! 2xLP on Siltbreeze $30

Axemen Three Virgins, Three Versions, Three Visions 2xLP on Siltbreeze $30

Axemen Big Cheap Motel LP on Siltbreeze $25

Heather Leigh Nightingale LP on Golden Lab $32

Joshua Burkett Lifelesslost LP on Golden Lab $32

Marcia Bassett and Samare Lubelski 110 Livingston LP on Golden Lab $32

Steve Baczkowski/Chris Corsano/Bill Nace Stolen Car LP on Golden Lab $32

Chalaque Helderberg Howl 7″ on Golden Lab $13

Ritchie Venus and L Stevie McCabe My Precious Thing 12″ on Unwucht $25 -Back in stock!

Axemen Sac Tape Nut Jam LP on Spacecase Records $25

Axemen Across The Universe in 3288 Days cassette on Sleek Bott $14

The Axemen Dirty Den Sessions CD on Sleek Bott Records $15

Little Stevie McCabe Generations CD on Sleek Bott Records $15

The Axemen Instant Kiwi CD on Sleek Bott $15

Age Of Reason Sleek Bott Gang CD on Sleek Bott $15

Howard Eynon So What If I’m Standing In Apricot Jam LP plus Flexi 7″ on Buttercup Records $30

Deathwish In Foster’s Care LP on Buttercup Records $26

Acid Burning 7″ on Buttercup Records $13

Arctic Circles Why 7″ on Buttercup Records $13

The Chosen Few I Wanna Be Your Dog 7″ on Buttercup Records $13

Flour Silver Spoon 7″ on Buttercup Records $13

Jugular Cuts Conditions 7″ on Buttercup Records $13

Mike Rep and Friends Darby Creek Drifter LP on 540 Records $27 -Back in stock!

Ego Summit The Room Isn’t Big Enough LP on 540 Records $27 -Back in stock!

The Clean Oddities 2xLP on 540 Records $42

Dickhead Rescue 7″ on ever/never $16

Scraps Electric Ocean Lp on Fire Records $32

Scraps Secret Paradise 7″ on Critical Heights $14

Half High CD-R on Doctor Guten Tag Records $11

A Handful Of Dust From A Soundtrack To The Anabase Of St-John Perse cassete on Imminent Frequencies $12.50 -sold out

Anne-F Jacques dans l’herbe cassette on Imminent Frequencies $12.50

Remnants Tonal Fragments cassette on Imminent Frequencies $12.50 -sold out

Death and the Maiden LP on Fishrider Records $28

Dylan Nyoukis Encephalon Cracks Vol 1 (red) cassette & poster on Chocolate Monk $40

Kieron Piercy and Dylan Nyoukis An Unripe Preoccupation… Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Eric Ostrowski Boiling A Frog Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Blind Dates Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Lost Wax The Poacher Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Ludo Mich and Blood Stereo From Tapes & Throats Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Baer, Blood Stereo Blutige Polizei Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Smack Music 7 & Reijo Pami Kuppa Lloinen Tauti Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Blood Stereo The Trachelin Huntiegowk Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Blood Stereo Palatine Arches… Cd-r on Chocolate Monk $13

Haunted House Up in flames CD on Erstwhile $25

Graham Lambkin/Michael Pisaro Schwarze Riesenfalter CD on Erstwhile $25

Tetuzi Akiyama/Günter Müller Points and Slashes CD on Erstwhile $25

Keith Rowe/Graham Lambkin Making A CD on Erstwhile $25

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet The Breadwinner CD on Erstwhile $25

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet Air Supply CD on Erstwhile $25

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet Photographs 2CD on Erstwhile $39

Okkyung Lee/Chris Corsano/Bill Nace Live at Stone LP on Open Mouth $31

Mark Barrage Surplus Behaviour cassette on Endless Melt $7 -sold out

Copley Medal Marble Cage cassette on Vitrine $12.50 -sold out

A Bolus Tropical Landslide Drainage Cassette on Vitrine $12.50 -sold out

Eva Collins and Allanah Stewart The Road cassette on Special Award $6

X In O Xcetera Cassette on Moontown Records $7

Brando’s Island 7″ on Million Dollar Recs $10 -sold out

Henry Mills Untitled cassette on Essential Minerals $7 -sold out

Tracey Trance Keep It Up 7″ on All Gone $10

Patrick O’Brien and Karl von Bamberger The Salt of the Earth The Salt of the Sea 7″ on Heavy Space Records $22

L$D Fundraiser Yeah! The Horse 7″ lathe on Heavy Space Records $22

Fabio Orsi/Claudio Rocchetti split 7″ lathe on Heavy Space Records $22

Donald McPherson and Tetuzi Akiyama Vinegar & Rum LP on Bo Weevil $27

Dylan Nyoukis Carrion Hut LP on Singing Knives $27 -Back in stock

Telstar Ponies In The Space Of A Few Minutes LP on Fire Records $27

Tlaotlon Natural Devices Cassette on World Memory $9 -sold out

Christina Carter Masque Femine LP on Root Strata $32

Karla Borecky Still In Your Pocket LP on Recital $32

Loren Connors Airs LP on Recital $32 -Sold out

Three Legged Race Rope Commercial Vol. 2 on Vitrine $13.50 -sold out

T.D. Violence As Sport on Crises Of Taste $5 -sold out

Huon Advance LP on 555 Recordings $25 -sold out

V/A Ferret compilation cassette on Grog Pappy $6

Rats With Wings Love Over Gold cassette on Grog Pappy $6

Cock With Wings/She Bear split cassette on Grog Pappy $6

V/A Map Of The Interior cassette on Vitrine $10 -sold out

Bull Tongue Review Journal No.1 $11

Exhaustion with Kris Wanders LP on Endless Melt $22 -Sold out

Strange Bunny Moon and Dirt Cassette on Doctor Guten Tag Records $9

Wonderfuls Only Shadows Now LP on Bruit Direct Disques $23

Dynamite Hemorrhage Issue #2 Magazine $13

Excess Escape From Brisbane cassette on Virtual Cool $8

Katie Parrish I’m not a very good swimmer but I wouldn’t have let you drown Book on Casuals Network Press $12

Matthew Hopkins Vent LP on Penultimate Press $27 -Back in stock!

Dennis Johnson November 4xCD on Penultimate Press $37

Poul Gernes LP on Penultimate Press $26

Dan Cross and Michael Fikaris Endless Karma #3 Comic $7 (ltd to 49 copies)

Moniek Darge and Graham Lambkin Indian Soundies CD on Kye/Penultimate Press $24

Food Court LP on Kye $29 -sold out

Vanessa Rosetto Whole Stories LP on Kye $29 -sold out

Matthew Revert Not You LP on Kye $29

V/A Temporary LP on Fishrider Records $28

Trick Mammoth Floristry LP on Fishrider Records $28

The Puddle Playboys in the bush LP on Fishrider Records $28

The Puddle Secret Holiday/Victory Blues LP on Fishrider Records $28

Jake Meginsky L’appel du vide LP on Open Mouth Records $28

Diagram A Your Object 2xLP on Open Mouth Records $38

Ora Clementi Cover You Will Softer Me on Penultimate Press $28

The Intended 7″ on All Gone $10

Satanic Rockers Death Sentence 7″ on Eternal Soundcheck $14 -Sold Out

Ross Manning Harmonious Angles LP $22 -Sold Out

Orion demo cassette on Paradise Daily $7

Dag/Bitter Defeat split cassette on Do Your Block Records $7

Pip Proud A Bird In The Engine LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -sold out

Pip Proud Adrenaline and Richard LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -sold out

Peter Jefferies Electricity 2xLP on Superior Viaduct $35

Brigitte Fontaine s/t LP on Superior Viaduct $30

Brigitte Fontaine Comme A La Radio LP on Superior Viaduct $32

Eduard Artimiev The Mirror/Stalker LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -Sold out

Eduard Artimiev Solaris Original Soundtrack LP on Superior Viaduct $32 -sold out

Bent Non Soon cassette on Virtual Cool $7 -SOLD OUT

Bill Orcutt Square Cunts/New Remorse 7″ on Ultra Eczema $16 -SOLD OUT

Miaux Dive Lp on Ultra Eczema $32 -sold Out

Ignatz & De Stervende Honden Teenage Boys Lp on Ultra Eczema $32 -sold out

Rodger Stella Resin Drones Lp on Ultra Eczema $32

Sun Ra I Am Strange 7″ on Norton Records $14

Infinite Light/Vibracathedral Orchestra 7″ on Krayon Recordings $12

Mad Nanna In Glasgow LP on Golden Lab $25 -Sold out

The Loop Orchestra ∞8 LockdowN 8∞ LP on Pulled Out $26 -Back in stock

Goods Van Wonky Woo cassette on Breakdance The dawn $7

xNOBBQx/Xwave split 7″ on Pulled Out $8

People Skills Tricephalic Head LP on Siltbreeze $25

Johnny Noise The Day Is Coming LP on Siltbreeze $25

Spies The Battle Of Bosworth terrace LP on Siltbreeze $25 -Back in stock

Strange Stains Anti-Aging Formula cassette on All Gone Records $7 -sold out

Creode Slam Camp cassette on All Gone Records $7 -sold out

Quilt Boy You And Your Baby Need Food cassette on All Gone Records $7

The Frightening Lights LP on Bruit Direct Disques $24 -Back in stock

Fourth World Magazine Vol. 2 Pinhead In Fantasia LP on Pacific City Sound Visions/Underwater Peoples $24

Shustak. Brilliant Films presents A Stuart Page Documentary DVD $20

Inhalation Compilation cassette on Exxe Records $7

Free Time 7″ on Underwater Peoples $10

Tori Kudo 7″ on Anthony Guerra’s label $10 -Back In Stock

Kraus Interior Castle cassette on Moniker Records $10

The Charles Ives Singers A Beautiful Daisy Cutter LP $30 -back in stock

The Charles Ives Singers Lava Blister LP $25 -back in stock

Sweat Tongue Skene’s Gland cassette on Cold Milk Records $7

Simon Hanselmann Megahex book on Fantagraphics $35 -sold out

Exiles From Clowntown Tape Scissors Rock LP on Soft Abuse $20

X In O/Document Swell split 7″ on Fallopian Tunes $13.50 -sold out

Scrabbled Welcome To Pig City cassette on Virtual Cool $7 -Sold out

Chrome Dome Live At The Empress cassette on Modulate Melbourne $6

The Drunken Boat Obliterated Highway CD-R $7

Bilders the utopians R just out boozin’ 7″ EP on Smart Guy Records $12

Idea Fire Company The Laboratory EP 7″ on I DISCHI DEL BARONE $14

No Intention 7 Good Intentions/Material Dilemma 7″ on I DISCHI DEL BARONE $14 -sold out

Pumice cassette on Clean Teeth $7

The Biscuits cassette on Clean Teeth $7

Ducklingmonster cassette on Clean Teeth $7 -sold out

Wonderfuls Be Careful of What You’ve Become 7″ EP on No Magic Man Records $12 -sold out

Ragtime Frank I’m A Rocketship For My Lord LP on Little Big Chief $27

Hollywood Autopsy LP on Little Big Chief $27 -Sold Out

Alien City LP $27 -Sold out

Matthew P Hopkins Economic Frown book and cd $12 -sold out

Dick Diver/Lower Plenty split 7″ on Matador $12 -Sold out

Snake cassette on Hidiotic $5

Backstabbers cassette on Hidiotic $5

Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation cassette on Hidiotic $5

Ill Winds cassette on Idiotic $5 -sold out

Roach Clip Calmer In This Town 7″ on Quemada Records $10

Club Sound Witches Revolutionary Spray cassette on LF $8 -sold out

The Shitty Listener Area Women EP 7″ on 3 Acre Floor Records $12 -sold out

Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits Gift From Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits LP on EM Records $28

Inryo-fuen Early Works 1980-82 LP on EM Records $28

Angkanang Kunchai with Ubon-Pattana Band Isan Lam Plearn LP on EM Records $28

Sheriff Lindo And The Hammer Ten Dubs That Shook The World LP on EM Records $28

Gurner House Of Hercules Bucks Party Megamixxx cassette on Altered States $5 -sold out

Tlaotlon Rash Maxims cassette on Altered States $5 -sold out

Match Fixer / Glass Bricks split cassette on Altered States $5 -sold out

Coolies 7″ on Epic Sweep $10

Saboten Floor Et Satie 2xLP on EM Records $33

Pip Proud A Fraying Space LP on EM Records $28 -Sold out

Pip Proud Purple Boy Gang 7″ on EM Records $15 -Back In Stock

Martoc Music For Alien Ears LP on EM Records $28

Esper Home Grown: Sounds Of Rush LP on EM Records $36

Roland P Young Isophonic Boogie LP on EM Records $28 -Sold out

Wicked Witch Chaos 1978-86 LP on EM Records $28 -back in stock

No Right Turn No Right Turn LP on EM Records $28

The Icypoles My World Was Made For You LP on Lost & Lonesome Recording Co. $22

Dag Dogwood cassette on Tenth Court $7

Thigh Master Head Of The Witch 7″ on Tenth Court $10 -sold out

Dry Mouth Gone Troppo 7″ on Vir Rash $8

Half High Calling Nina cassette on Eiderdown Records $12

Mary Millington Come Play With Me 10″ on 10,000 Productions $50

Mattin Songbook #5 LP on Disembraining Machine $20

Lucas Abela and Keg De Souza Dodo Is A Dog 7″ on Disembraining Machine $20

Horse Mania Storage Space CD $10

The Aesthetics My Right To Riches LP on Ecstatic Peace $22

Dark Matter LP on Siltbreeze $25

Above Ground Gone Aiwa LP on Siltbreeze $25 -sold out

Scorched Earth Policy Going Thru A Hole In The Back Of Your Head LP on Siltbreeze $25 -sold out

Group Ongaku Music Of Group Ongaku LP on Seer Sound Archive $25

White Boy And The Average Rat Band LP on Roach Records $25 -sold out

Nicky Minus Jerks! comic $7

The Gentlemen “Outside The Black Forest” cassette on Doctor Guten Tag $8

Scrabble live at real bad cdr on Breakdance The Dawn $7

The Walking Corpses we, gods apes cassette on 3 Acre Floor $7 *featuring Julian Percy and Jason Honea

The Enclosures scotch mist CD on Powertool Records $10

All Pet Enclosures your normal is different cdr on Segue $8 *featuring natalie k, phoebe r, karl von b, marc r-m.

The Enclosures sympathy demos cdr on Segue $8

The Enclosures w(h)it(c)h cdr on Segue $8

The Enclosures cdr on Jacana $8

All Pet Enclosures cdr on Segue $8

Popolice stave year cdr on Segue $8

Vague Cuts CD $8

Popolice live cassette on Segue $7

Popolice friends 2 cassette on Segue $7

The Silver do you wanna dance? 7″ on Pop Con $16 -sold out

Graham Lambkin “Came To Call Mine” Book on Penultimate Press $35

Short Future cassette on Say When $12 -sold out

Shoes This High “Straight To Hell” LP on Siltbreeze Records $25

Shoes This High “Shoes This High” 7″ on Siltbreeze Records $12 -Sold out

Die Shacht “Halber Selbstbetrug” 7″ on Siltbreeze Records $12

The Tobacconists “Smoking Is Green” LP + CD on Economy Of Language $29.50 -sold out

Asmus Tietchens “Teils Teils” LP on Swill Radio $24

Idea Fire Company “The Island Of Taste” LP on Swill Radio $24.50

Idea Fire Company “Anti-Natural” LP on Swill Radio $24

eaRLy W “Volume 2: nor die there blieben übrig” LP on Swill Radio $24

Tart “Bring In The Admiral” LP on Swill Radio $24

Idea Fire Company “Postcards” LP on Swill Radio $26 -back in stock

Idea Fire Company “Days” 7″ on Swill Radio $12 -back in stock

Tart “Radio Orange” LP on Swill Radio $24

The Pickle Factory “Our Anthems” LP on Twisted Knister $26

Ian Middleton “Aural Spaces” LP on Swill Radio $24

Scott Foust “Here’s to love!” DVD on Swill Radio $19.50 -Sold Out

The Pickle Factory “Our Pledge” CD on Swill Radio $12

Foust! “Jungle Fever” CD on Swill Radio $16 -sold out

XX Committee “Steel Negro Music” CD on Trash Ritual $18.50

Idea Fire Company “Vital: Live In Europe” CD on Swill Radio $16.50

Greymouth “As You Do” cassette on All Gone $7 -Sold Out

Freind “Share The Joy” cassette on All Gone $7

Dead Gum “K As In Kelloggs” cassette on All Gone $7

Drunk Elk “Oceanus Procellarum” LP on Wormwoord Grasshopper $24

Muura LP on Wormwood Grasshopper $24

Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month “Sister Alchemy” 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Primitive Motion “Worlds Floating By” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Full Ugly “Drove Down” 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10

Sarah Mary Chadwick “Eating For Two” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Superstar “A Toast To…” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Angel Eyes “Final Fare” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Blank Realm “Grassed Inn” LP on Bedroom Suck/Fire Records $24 -Sold out

The Flexibles “Cities Of The Narrow Universe” 7″ on Nyali $14.50

Eye “Winterwork” LP on Nyali $30

The Monochrome Set “Super Plastic City” LP on Unwucht $30

Stefan Jaworzyn ‘The Annihilating Light’ LP on Kye $25 -sold out

Jason Lescaleet ‘Much To My Demise’ LP on Kye $25 -sold out

Good Area ‘Cubic Zirconia’ b/w ‘Bad Karlshafen’ 7″ on Kye $11

Brainbeau “0.0001 Excuses” 7″ on Good Samaritron $11

Sussman, Earle, Kahn “Carnage” LP on Pulled Out $26 -Sold out

Toshiro Mimaki “Januari 22 2000″ LP plus 7” on Sloowax $35 -sold out

Michael Hawkins “The Sexy Times of Lord Melon” mini-comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Boyfriend: Magic, Sentiment and Bondage” comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Boyfriend #1” comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Corey: The Dweller In The Hollow” comic $5

Simon Hanselmann “Life Zone” 62-page comic book on Space Face Books $15

Sacred Product LP on Heinus Anus/Street Muscle $24

Sacred Product 2x 7″ on Quemada $15 -sold out

Ruined Fortune LP on Hozac $22

London Sound Survey LP on Vitelli $25

Kitchen’s Floor Deadshits 7″ on Easter Bilby $12 -Sold out

Gravel Samwidge “Medicinal Requirements” 12″ EP on Swashbuckling Hobo Records $20 -cover art by Lynton Denovan

Pip Proud “Purple Boy Gang” b/w “A Million Years From Now” 7″ on EM Records $15 -back in stock

Gob sampler CD-R $8 featuring Matthew P Hopkins, Exotic Dog, Emma Ramsay, Hard Hat and others

Half High “Shapeless Advice” 7″ on Altered States Tapes $10

Hour House “Stroke” cassette on Altered States Tapes $5 -sold out

Wardenburger “The Wizz Fizz Around Us” cassette $7 -sold out

Reruns cassette $7 -sold out

Drown Under 7″ on Special Award Records $11

Simon Finn “Pass The Distance” LP on Little Big Chief Records $30 -sold out

Pete and Royce “Suffering of Tomorrow” LP on Little Big Chief Records $25

Sweat Tongue “watermelon” cassette $10

Antony Riddelll “Toothmarks on the sun” book $12

xNOBBQx “Hamburger Hill” LP on Pulled Out Records $25

David Palliser “Vague Now” CDR $10 -sold out

David Palliser music for the charles ives singers CDR $10

David Palliser live at make it up club CDR $10

Admin Bldg CDR $10

Mark Alexander McIntyre grapes LP on One Kind Favor $24 -sold out

Put The Music In It’s Coffin Issue 5 zine $10 featuring interviews with Scott Foust, Good Area, Matt Earle. -sold out

Lucy Cliche picture yourself cassette $7 -sold out

It Hurts 33 tears 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -last copy

Matthew P Hopkins nocturnes LP on Vitelli $24.50 -sold out

Graham Lambkin softly softly copy copy CD on Kye $19

Astor inland LP on Kye $24

Bleak broken & pinned cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10

Bleak live at join the dots marrickville 13.11.13 cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10

Mazurka Editions live at the pharmacy #2 cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10 features Bleak, L.A. County Morgue, Pleasure Bros, Teen Ax, Cock Safari.

*Confirmation Tapes are from Newcastle, Australia. These cdr’s are limited to 10 copies.

Mad Nanna i wanna see you 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -sold out

Midnight Caller particle dreams LP $25 artwork by Michael Hawkins, comes with download

R. Stevie Moore in the history of ever cassette on Oma333 $10

Galactic Locksmith LP on Bunyip Trax $15 -sold out

Ghost Gums vertical slum cassette on Vacant Valley $10

Heather Leigh me-ba cassette on Alice Zinc $10 -sold out

Good Area french antarctica LP on Kye $23

Tlaotlon calavities LP on Epic Sweep $22 -sold out

Lakes blood of the grove LP on No Patience $20

The Zingers LP on Million Dollar Records $18

Endless karma, a comic by Dan Cross and M.P. Fikaris $6

Half High suspension LP on R.I.P. Society $20 -sold out

Love Chants 12″ EP on R.I.P. Society $20

Angie turning LP on Easter Bilby and Rice Is Nice Recs $20 -sold out

Red Red Kroovy 7″ on R.I.P. Society $8

Shebeen Queen tape $6

Untermorast and Invisible Barbed Wire Fence split cassette on Doctor Guten Tag Records $10

Fig 7″ on Eternal Soundcheck $14.50 -sold out

Cured Pink 7″ on Black petal $10

Sweat Tongue Cassette Fast Cummers $7 -sold out

Sky Needle LP Debased Shapes on Bruit Direct Disques $22

Anton Heyboer 2xLP Rules of the Universe on Kye $32 -sold out

Graham Lambkin 7″ Abersayne on Kye $14

The Losers “all cologned up and nowhere to go” cassingle $6

Free Time LP on Underwater Peoples $22 -Sold out

*note* the charles ives singers cd’s are all numbered out of an edition of 50 copies

The Charles Ives Singers “Automatism 37” CD-R on Victor Records $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Automatism 35 and 36” CD-R on Victor Records $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Live at The Make It Up Club with guests” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Baas- Live at Westspace & The Empress Hotel” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Netherlandish Music Of Altona North” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Their Greatest Flops” CD-R $14

Francis Plagne “Tenth Volume Of Maps” LP on Lost and Lonesome $23 -back in stock

Tarquin Manek cassette on Out Of Mates Bait $7 -sold out

Static Cleaner Lost Reward “$mile$” cassette on Altered States $6

Orinokoflo “Arnica” cassette on Altered States $6

Unwar “Sleep Dope” cassette on Altered States $6

Nth Wheel II cassette on do your block records $7 -sold out

The No Real Need cassette on do your block records $7

Matthew P Hopkins “Vent” cassette $9 -sold out

Matthew P Hopkins “Vent” cdr $7 -sold out

Anthony Riddelll “Touched By A Mammal” book $15 -1 left

Call Back The Giants “The Marianne” LP on Kye $25 -sold out

Roach Clip “Discovery Park” LP on All Gone $22 -sold out

Roach Clip 7″ on All Gone $12

The Cannanes “Happy Swing” cassette on All Gone $9 -sold out

The Bibs “Everyday I Nap” cassette on All Gone $7.50 -sold out

The Bibs “Waiting For Alex” cassette on All Gone $7.50 -sold out

Tarpit “Old News” cassette on All Gone $7.50

The Intended “Live at El Club” cassette on All Gone $7.50 -sold out

Drunk Hands “Suite For Piano” cdr on Endless Melt $6

Exhaustion “Future Eaters” LP on Aarght $20

Rubbish Throwers 7″ on Endless Melt $10 -sold out

Psychic Baggage CD on Endless Melt $8

Equalizer 24K cd-r $6

Nicola Morton and Simbi Dare’s ‘S & M’ DVD $6

No Fuckwits ‘Bryan’s Dead’ cassette $5

Zaimph ‘Evolucao’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Greymouth ‘Giant Squid’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Pod Blotz ‘Timeless’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers ‘A Short Visit To The City That Bleeds’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -Sold out

Joseph Hammer ‘Albany/Philadelphia’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Weirding Module ‘The Voyage In’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Housewives ‘Lick The Pip’ 7″ on RIP Society $10

Arthur Mag April 2013 with a Matt Valentine feature $8

Cock Safari/Dingbats split cassette on Altered States Tapes $6

Always “Cartoons and Television (Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday) 7″” on Whiteness & Pinkness $10

The Howling Hex “The Best Of The Howling Hex” LP on Drag City $23

Scott Walker “Tilt” LP on Drag City $23

Liimanarina “Supermarket” CD on Drag City $14.50

Bill Callahan “Apocalypse” LP on Drag City $23

Mick Turner “Moth” LP on Drag City $23

The Red Crayola “Fingerpainting” LP on Drag City $23

Black Bananas “Rad Times Express IV” LP on Drag City $23

Edith Frost “Its A Game” LP on Drag City $23

Bonnie Prince Billy “Now Here’s My Plan” LP on Drag City $23 -Sold out

Woo “It’s Cosy Inside” LP on Drag City $23 -sold out

Royal Trux “Accelerator” LP on Drag City $23 -sold out

Six Organs Of Admittance “School Of The Flower” LP on Drag City $23

The Howling Hex “Wilson Semiconductors” LP on Drag City $23

Scout Niblett “The Calcination Of Scout Niblett” LP on Drag City $23

Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” 7″ on Drag City $10

Margaret Cho and Neil Hamburger 7″ on Drag City $10

Scout Niblett “No More Nasty Scrubs” 7″ on Drag City $10 -sold out

Neil Haggerty “Victory Chimp” Book on Drag City $14

Rentboy “Clocktower” CD on Consumer Productions $10 -Back in stock

Cock Safari/Teen Ax split cassette on Street Muscle $6

Rebel Sorts Various Artists compilation cassette feat. Moffarfarrah, Urchyn, Mouving, VDO on Bunyip Trax $7

Porpoise Torture “Seaside Rendezvouz” cassette on Bunyip Trax $7

Vogue Forums “Champagne Pop” Cd-r on Bunyip Trax/Fictitious Sighs $5

Old Growth Cola “Fossicking For Frogs” cassette on Goaty Tapes $9 -sold out

Sick Llama “Resh” cassette on All Gone $9 -sold out

Grisha Shakhnes “Leave/Trace” LP on Glistening Examples $25 -Sold out

Pleasure Bros cassette on Mazurka Editions $7 -Sold out

Muura cassette on Mazurka Editions $7 -sold out

Mslmslmsl “ayehcheyej” cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Teen Ax- Useless cassette on Street Muscle $6

Unholy Bong Militia Vol.1 Zine plus poster released by Magik Crowbar/Trapdoor Tapes $10

Golden Children Mixtape on Magik Crowbar $6

Trichotillomania- Palm Fitness Yoga cassette on Magik Crowbar $6 -sold out

Ritchie Venus and L Stevie McCabe- My Precious Thing 12″ EP on Unwucht Records $25 -sold out

Mad Nanna/Pumice/Kraus/Slug Guts- Realistic Pillow Split 7″ on Kraak $12 -sold out

Bob Cadillac- Pretty Wack LP on Black Monk $22

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- IV CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $9

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- The Children In The Caves And On The Seas With The Pharisees’ CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $9

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- The Chartreuse of Cowardice CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $7

Currer Bells- Currer Bells LP on Quetzi Records $24

Love Chants 12″ EP on Quemada Records $24

James Rushford & Joe Talia- Manhunter LP on Kye Records $25 -sold out

XNOBBQX- Skewer 10″ on Golden Lab Recordings $23

No Guru- There’s No Guru LP on Hashram Audio Concern $21 -sold out

Wardenburger- Environments Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10 -Sold out

Wardenburger- Stomach staircase fold Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10 -Sold out

Smoking Ruins- Sun’s high and moving east Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Unwar- Activate mantis division now Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

6majik9- Applied psychosis Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Garbage And The Flowers- Eyes rind as if beggars 2LP plus CD on Bo Weevil Recordings/Fire Records $37 -sold out

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- Hunting and Gathering Cassette on Uninterrupted Records $7

Hammering The Cramps- Ghosts 7″ on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $10

Muura- Songs of the minerals volume 3 CD-R on Black Petal $14

Geodesic Domes On Domestic Landfill CD-R on Black Petal $14

The Lost Domain- An unnatural act LP on Negative Guest List $25 -sold out

Greg Boring- Heavy syrup LP on Critical Heights $20 -sold out

Tailings cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Go Genre Everything- Domestic Dreams and Robots 7″ on Vacant Valley $12

Rough End Of The Stick- LP Compilation on Vacant Valley $25 -Sold out

The New Season- s/t 12″ EP on Vacant Valley $23

Psy Ants- Bit Tongue Prik LP on Vacant Valley $23

Andrew Chadwick- Calls Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Mold Omen- Quest For The Snakehead Tapestry Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Dominic & Angela- Christmas Music Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Cock Safe- Staycc cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7

Extrafoxx- Love Is God Cd-r on Unique Beautiful Flowers $7

The Futurians- Chaos Manner LP on Last Visible Dog Records $24 -sold out

Mountain Cult- S/T LP on Little Big Chief Records $24

Xwave- Cities On Flame LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Girls Girls Girls- Borsh LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Mad Nanna- I Made Blood Better LP on Negative Guest List $25 -sold out

Tracey- cassette/cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50 -Sold out

Club Sound Witches- cassette on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50 -sold out

xNOBBQx- Green Fingers cassette/cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50 -cdr left

Kitchens Floor- Live at Real Bad cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50

Satanic Rockers- Satanic Rocking Demo Cdr on Own Time Records $12 -sold out

Satanic Rockers- Eviction 7″ on Quemada $10 -sold out

Garbage and the Flowers “Stoned Rehearsal” LP on Quemada $25 -sold out

Bilders- High Thirties Piano 12″ EP on Unwucht $25 -sold out

Remnants- Surface Tension cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Tistriallal Binds- cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Cooper Bowman/Enak- split cassette on Mazurka Editions $7 -sold out

Mitchell Brennan- Eminant Domain/Mill No. 1 cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Eddy Detroit- Immortal Gods LP on Assophon $24 -sold out

Mad Nanna- My Two Kids 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -sold out

The Deadnotes- Orange Trumpet LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pumice- Puny LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pumice- Pebbles LP on Soft Abuse $24

Olymbus- Bold Mould LP on Soft Abuse $24

Myrrh- Myrrh LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- They Sweetheartstammers LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- Liasons LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- Lunettes 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Pigeons- Visions Of The Valley 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Car Commercials- Prisoner Of Type 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Julian Lynch- Music for how Mata Hari lost her head and found her body 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Suspensers- Too dumb to live, too stoned to die cassette on Soft Abuse $8

Pumice- Quo cassette on Soft Abuse $8

Pumice- Pebbles cassette on Soft Abuse $8 -sold out

Moffarfarrah- Fräfyne cassette on Bunyip Trax $7

Slicing Grandpa/Harshcore split cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $8 -Sold out

Sam Esh & Hard Black Thing- Montezuma Baby Duck LP on Siltbreeze $24

Lloyd Pack 7″ EP on Siltbreeze $11

Cynthia Dall- Sound Restores Young Men LP on Drag City $24

Smog- Burning Kingdom cassette on Drag City $9 -sold out

Harmony Korine- Trash Humpers DVD on Drag City $17 -sold out

Bill Callahan- Letters To Emma Bowlcut Book on Drag City $14 -sold out

Smog- Wild Love LP on Drag City $24 -Sold out

Smog- Red Apple Falls LP on Drag City $24

Hey Drag City 2-LP Compilation on Drag City $26

Call Back The Giants- Incidents Of Travel 12″ EP on White Denim Records $22 -sold out

Tralala Blip- Meets Muttboy in Atlantis LP on Sound Crucible $22

Kraus- Supreme Commander LP on Moniker Records $24 -sold out

Wonderfuls- Salty Town Cd-r $10 -sold out

Sanguine Clock- Obsolete 2006-2009 Cd-r $10

Half High- Suspension cdr $9

Half High- Suspension cassette $9 -sold out

Matthew P. Hopkins- Breathing Apparatus cdr $9 -sold out

Matthew P. Hopkins- Small Entry Poster plus Flexi-Disc on Horizon Pages $10 -sold out

Sprot- Summer Of Sprot 7″ on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $11 -Back in stock!

Love Chants- First Sessions Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

X Wave- Victoria Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -cdr left

Wonderfuls- Live Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

Bitter Defeat- Welcome Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Meat Thump- Forgot History II Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

Big Cups- Dogs Diner Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

No Barbeque- Outdoor Living Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Down The Range- Leo’s Bar Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

xNoBBQx- People all over the world cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Robert McDougall- Unfinished Studies LP on Angklung Editions $22

Pink Reason- Ache for you b\w Darken Daze 7″ on Savage Quality Recordings $10

Pink Reason- Throw it away 7″ EP on Savage Quality Recordings $10

Modra- The Line For The Mens Room LP on Savage Quality Recordings $24 -Sold out

Teen Anal Terrorist- Warm blatz for teenage runaways LP on Savage Quality Recordings $20

Midday Music: Brisbane 2012 Various Artists compilation cassette on All Day Breafast $8 -sold out

Standard Premiums- Check Reality Cassette on Goaty Tapes $6

The Shadow Ring- Remains Unchanged Double LP & Poster set on Kye Records $30 -sold out

Vanessa Rosetto- Exotic Exit LP on Kye $24 -sold out

Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet split 7″ on Glistening Examples $15 -sold out

Equalizer 24K – Rockstar Bull And Broken Hearted Cd-r $7 -Sold out

Trichotillomania “Upsilon Andromedae Away Team” Cassette on Magik Crowbar Tapes $6

Sidetrack “Live At Melbourne University 1985” Dvd-r on Magik Crowbar Tapes $7

The Mermaids “Love From The Vegetable Kingdom” Cassette on Grog Pappy $6 -sold out

The Mermaids\Cockdriller split Cassette on Grog Pappy $6 -sold out

Slut Duo Cassette on Grog Pappy $6 -sold out

Nocastle Compilation Cassette on Grog Pappy featuring Drillbit, Cock Safari, Alzheimer Blanks, Richard Marxism, She-Bear, World Of Trouble, The Mermaids, Reunion Sacred Ibis $6 -Back In Stock

Holy Balm- It’s You LP on RIP Society Records $22 -sold out

Blues Control- Valley Tangents LP on RIP Society Records $22

Kitchen’s Floor ‘Bitter Defeat’ 7″ on Negative Guest List $10.50 -sold out

Ryan Jewel ‘Infinite Light’ Cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7

Pak ‘Cast Shadow’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7

Legendary Hearts ‘Music From The Elevator’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7

Tlaotlon ‘Teeth Alphabets’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7

Witchuals cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7 (back in stock)

CURED PINK – DUDU BUMI cassette on Redundancy $4.50 -sold out

DEMYSTER c40 on Redundancy $4.50 -sold out

Left Of The Middle Soft Rock Compilation Cassette on Redundancy Music $5.50 -sold out

4 Interpretations of Erik Satie Cassette Compilation on Redundancy Music $4.50

Queen Meanie Puss- The Darling 7″ on Siltbreeze $10 -sold out

Satanic Rockers- Eviction 7″ on Quemada Records $10 -sold out

Kitchen’s Floor- Live in Brisbane 12″ on Quemada Records $22 -sold out

Undecisive God- Rpms 5, 6, 7 Cd on Iceage Productions $10

Monolith- The Lust Branch Cd on Iceage Productions $10

White Tiger A:. A:. – White Tiger A:. A:. Cd on Iceage Productions $10

Love Child- Plays Moondog 7″ on Forced Exposure $10

Mantis- Who Wants To Be A Camel 7″ on Drag City $10

Mugg- glass child, sink, floor, frosen rose Cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7 -sold out

Ex-Crown “646 592 3423″ cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7 -sold out

Pop Singles- All Gone LP on Vacant Valley Records $23 -sold out

Mayo Thompson- Corky’s Debt To His Father LP plus 7″ on Drag City $25 -Back in stock

The Broadcast Choir- Lights Out 7″ on Palace Records $10

The Broadcast Choir- The Chapel Song 7″ on Palace Records $10

Neil Haggerty- The Adventures of Royal Trux Comic book on Drag City $9 -sold out

The Bowles- 7″ EP on Kye Records $12 -sold out

Astor- Alcor LP on Kye Records $24 -back in stock

Pho\Faux Band 10″ Lathe cut $14.50 -sold out

Andrew Coltrane- The night squad cassette on Altered States $5 -sold out

Radio Ca Ca- Untitled cassette on Spanish Magic $7 -Sold out

Pimmon\Yclept Dinmakers cassette on Spanish Magic $7

Full Ugly\Omi Palone\The Stevens\Sauna Youth split 7″ on Paradise Vendors. UK import. $11

The Strapping Fieldhands- Neptune’s World 7″ on Siltbreeze $10 -Sold out

Ashtabula- Unbearable lightness 7″ on Siltbreeze $10 -sold out

Sunshine Super Scum- Two reactions 7″ on Siltbreeze $10

3 Toed Sloth double 7″ on Unwucht $15

Mad Nanna- I’m not coming here 7″ on Unwucht Musik $12 -sold out

Bilders- Schwimmen in der see 12″ EP on Unwucht Musik $25 -Sold out

A Range Of Great Diving LP Compilation featuring 3 Toed Sloth, Shoptoprockers, Exiles From Clowntown, Rock Boycott and more, on Unwucht Musik $24 -sold out

Ruined Fortune- Bulls eye 7″ on RIP Society $10

Whores- Mob reality 7″ on RIP Society $10

Wardenburger cdr $7. self release from the band -sold out

Folk You Can’t- F y k cdr on Black Petal $14 -Sold out

Meat Thump- box of wine\feel good 7″ on Negative Guest List Records $10

Obnox- Obnox II: Purple reign 7″  on Negative Guest List Records $10 -sold out

Angel Eyes- Vice to vice cassette on Moon Glyph $8 -sold out

Francis Plagne- Tenth volume of maps LP on Lost And Lonesome Recording Co. $23 -back in stock

Sky Needle- live tape on Breakdance The Dawn $7 -sold out

The Lost Domain- I need a pony tape on Breakdance the Dawn $7 -sold out

Club Sound Witches cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $7 -sold out

Muura\Mosseisly split cassette on Altered States Tapes $5 -sold out

Oranj Punjabi- Empty Land cassette on Tristes Tropiques $7 -sold out

Hi God People- nega the eight headed serpent CD on Varispeed Recordings $11 -sold out

Eugene Carchesio- trances cdr on The Rhizome Label $9 -sold out

Arek Gulbenkoglu\Adam Sussmann cdr on The Rhizome Label $9

Tirath Singh Nirmala- growing into the wind cdr on The Rhizome Label $9

The No Real Need- Thistles where we slept LP on Do your block records $20 -sold out

Nth Wheel- Monochrome dawn tape on Do your block records $7 -sold out

Repairs- High rise horizon 7″ on Nihilstic Orbs $11 -sold out

Chrome Dome 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11 -sold out

Johnny Telafone 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11 -sold out

Forces 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11 -sold out

Sky Needle- Acid perm cassette on Nihilistic Orbs $7 -sold out

Asps Cassette on Nihilstic Orbs $7 -sold out

Girls Girls Girls- Borsh LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

XWave- Cities on flame LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Muura- tape C46 on Organized music from Thessaloniki $7 -sold out

White Woods- Tennant Creek 10″ $18 -Sold out

White Woods- Bellplay cd on Sensory Projects $18

Bum Creek- Crickey 2011 & future cassette $9 -sold out

Mole House Cassette on Night People $7 -back in stock

Peak Twins\Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Split LP on Night People\Bedroom Suck $22 -sold out

Cured Pink\Penguins Split 7″ on Vacant Valley $12

A.Wallace\Drumheller Split 7″ on Vacant Valley $10

Pop Singles 7″ on Vacant Valley $10 -sold out

Kraus- A Journey through the first dimension with Kraus 7″ on Palto Flats $10 -sold out

The Psychward Cult- Medicinal Dreaming Tape on Psychotic Reaction\Magik Crowbar Tapes $6

La Bandas LP on Pastabase Records. Chilean import. $22

East Link Cassette on Creep Dreams $6 -sold out

Rats With Wings Cassette on Grog Pappy $6 -sold out

Rainbow Cones- Shibuya-echo-live Cdr on Black Petal $14 -back in stock

Anthony Guerra- Empty kindoms CD on Black Petal $14

Paper Wings- Ash field CD on Black Petal $14

Antipan- Live 10th December 2008 Cdr on Black Petal $14

Velvet Hour- 3″ Cdr on Black Petal $9 -sold out

XNoBBQX- Live at Veronikaclub, Parma, Italy Cdr on Black Petal $14 -sold out

Mad Nanna- I made blood better LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 -sold out

Sky Needle- Rave cave LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 -1 copy left

Ragtime Frank- The truth LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 -sold out

Tim Coster- A place in the sun cassette on Fictitious Sighs $6 -sold out

Lucky Dragons- Long form cassette on Fictitious Sighs $6 -sold out

Kraus- Supreme commander cassette on Dungeon taxis $7 -sold out

White Saucer\Currer Bells split cassette on Dungeon taxis $7

xNoBBQx- Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010 / Happy, Wellington, 2009 cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Witchuals cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Richard Francis- Acid songs cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Chronox- Gwandalan cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -back in stock

Isle Adore- Lazy\anytime 7″ $10 -last copy

Lakes- Crossed With Leaves 7″ on Quemada Records $10 -sold out

Graham Lambkin- Millows Book & CD on Penultimate Press $40

Primitive Motion- Certain Materials 7″ on soft abuse $10

Primitive Motion- By Arc or chord Cassette on soft abuse $7 -Sold out

Pink Reason Live in australia\new zealand cassette on Sunshine And Grease $10

New in on Magik Crowbar,

Hyperspace Vision ‘Starfire’ cassette $6 -sold out

Junk Sick ‘Rising damp’ cassette $6 -sold out

Havittajat demo cassette $6 -sold out

Mshing & Psychward cassette $6 -sold out

Trichotillomania ‘Dental frost monk\love clot’ cassette $6

Word of life church SS cassette $6 -sold out

Stag 7″ on Disembraining $10 -sold out

Scraps 7″ on Disembraining $10

Locked groove LP compilation on Tape Projects $20 featuring.. Moffarfarrah, Joel Stern, Zoe Scoglio, Ernie Althoff and more..

Vacuum 7″ on Siltbreeze $12 featuring the songs Walking slow, born and bled, remember breaking up, skulls. -sold out

C Joynes ‘Congo’ LP on Bo Weevil $22 -sold out

Starving Weirdos ‘Rolled in the midst of never-ceasing currents flowing without a rest forever onward’ LP on Bo Weevil $22 -sold out

Born Heller LP on Bo Weevil $22. Band featuring Josephine Foster. -sold out

Shape of Sound Vol 2 Compilation CD on Iceage Productions with tracks from mad nanna, penguins, arthur cantrill, dark passenger, galactagogue, ernie althoff, oranj punjabi, undecisive god, bonnie mercer, screwtape, admin bldg, barnaby oliver and monolith. $10

Kenneth Higney ‘Attic Demonstration’ LP on One Kind Favour Records $25 -sold out

The Spiders LP on Pulled Out records. Great guitar record by James Heighway from the blue mountains. $20

UnAustralians LP on Pulled Out Records. $20

Antipan LP. Sydney rock band. 1 sided LP with an etching. Anthony Guerra, Nick Dan, Matt Earle and Sumugan Sivanesan. Plays from the inside out! $20 -sold out

xNoBBQx picture-disc LP. Nick Dan and Matt Earle, in the running for best band in Australia. $20 -back in stock

Mad Nanna ‘i’ve been talking 7″ re-issue on little big chief records $10 -sold out

Hammering The Cramps LP on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $20

Fossils ‘Drooling hercules’ cassette on Altered States Tapes $5

new in from Brisbane’s Breakdance The Dawn label…

Emotional About The Rainbow cassette bdtd #112 $8 -sold out

Meat Thump ‘Forget history’ cassette bdtd #120 $8 -sold out

Greg Boring ‘Shit life 2’ cassette bdtd #115 $8 -sold out

Cup Cake Club cassette bdtd #86 $8 -sold out

Sprot ‘Lokyer’ cdr bdtd #123 $8 -sold out

Emotional About The Rainbow cdr bdtd #108 $8 -sold out

Lewis O’Leary ‘Eating the afterbirth’ cdr bdtd #101 $8 -sold out

Girls Girls Girls cdr bdtd #124 $8 -sold out

X-Wave ‘At the Tote’ cdr bdtd #132 $8 -sold out

XNobbqX ‘We ate it’ cdr bdtd #134 $8 -sold out

Breakdance The Dawn compilation 2 cdr $8 -sold out

Steve McCabe ‘Germ’ 7″ on Sleek Bott Records $15

Axemen ‘3 Virgins 3 Versions, 3 Visions’ 2LP on Siltbreeze $25 -sold out

Mad Nanna ‘I Hit A Wall’ 7″ on Quemada $10 -sold out

Mole House 7″ on Quemada $10

3 Toed Sloth 7″ on Negative Guest List $10 -sold out

Blank Realm Falling down the stairs 7″ on NGL $10 -sold out

Scraps LP classic shits on Bedroom Suck $20

Kitchens Floor LP loneliness is a dirty mattress on Bedroom Suck $20 -sold out

Slug Guts LP howlin gang on Bedroom Suck $20 -sold out

Per Purpose 12″ Implicating more than one on Bedroom Suck $20 -sold out

Per Purpose 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10 -last copy

Fat History Month 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10 -last copy

Lost Domain ‘Blondes Chew More Gum’ 2LP on Negative Guest List $25 -sold out

Drunk Elk ‘Under neon lights’ LP on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $20 -sold out

A Band Called Life cd album. Self released by the band. $10. -sold out

Krystoffkrvstoffiston ‘Crumbling nationss\Toads of babylon’ cassette on Bunyip trax $7

Drunk Elk ‘Senaca’s last breath’ 7″ on quemada records $10 -sold out

Garbage And The Flowers ‘Stoned rehearsal’ LP on Quemada records $25 -sold out

Ten Gram Tonearm Various Artists LP featuring XnobbqX, Cygnus, Mark Harwood, Rahdunes, Castings amongst others! $20

The new book ‘Dog God’ by Anthony Riddelll $15 -sold out

Bffth LP on Heard worse $20

Face Plant LP on Heard Worse $20

Rats With Wings 2LP on Heard Worse $25

Tobacconists 7″ on Swill Radio $11 -Back in stock!

Rosemary Krust 7″ on Spleencoffin Records $8

Rosemary Krust 7″ on Dull Knife Records $8

Pheromoans 7″ on Convulsive $10

The Polyps 7″ on Eggy $6

Pumice 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -sold out

Pigeons ‘Lunettes’ 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -Back in stock

Wonderfuls 7″ on Negative Guest List $10 -sold out

Eagle Boys 7″ on Negative Guest List $10

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments 7″ on Negative Guest List $10 -sold out

The C & B 7″ on Siltbreeze $12 -sold out

Gummy Stumps 7″ on La Station Radar $11

Form A Log 7″ on Spleencoffin Records $8

Mercy Light 7″ on I Just Live Here Records $10

Occasional Detroit 7″ on IJLH records $10

Leslie Keffer and Valerie Martino 7″ on IJLH records $10

Them Themselves Or They 7″ on Malt Duck $8

GGreen 7″ on Malt Duck $8

Hanging Coffins 7″ on Malt Duck $8 -sold out

Sam Gas Can 7″ $8

Milk Teddy 7″ $8 -sold out

Ryan Garbes 7″ on Arbor $9

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