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AB-99 Mount Trout Petrol Bush LP
After letting their debut album (2019s Shelter Belt on Rough Skies) stew in our ear depths for some years, the beautiful Mount Trout are back with another platter served hot straight out of Mumma’s basement kitchen.

The Melbourne/Narrm-via-Hobart unit hasn’t turned the amps down. The tea’s still spiked and you can still feel the dusty earth between your fingertips. They’ve just honed in on their special trade a little more and sprinkled in one or two new ingredients.

Petrol Bush is a beguiling demonstration of existential songcraft and poetic folk/rock experimentation. For most tracks, Ainslie and Faigan help transport Brown’s deep verses from simple beauty into confounding wonder – with unwieldy yet serene guitar and trance-state devotional drumkit. On others the session offers wider space for sonic wandering off and searching – stumbling to a place where firecrackers pop & stink, stars sparkle, near divinity. The recordings are warm, cooked on an open fire.

Trout have us recalling the intimacy and thoughtful tangled beauty of Dag’s Benefits of Solitude, Cat Power’s moon pix or Dirty Three live in a rainstorm. But at the end of the day, moonlight shining down on the swamp, they read to us from their own unique story book.

Recorded by Lynton Denovan on Wurundjeri land 2022

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AB-102 Ad Hoc Corpse cassette
Shame File Music and Albert’s Basement follow up the critically-acclaimed 2022 reissue of seminal Melbourne band Ad Hoc’s Distance cassette with the band’s obscure barely-released (perhaps six home-dubbed copies) live cassette Corpse – available digitally and on a limited edition of 100 cassettes from September 2023.

Differing dramatically from Distance, Corpse captures the trio presenting a wall of almost self-playing instruments live to a bemused Clifton Hill Community Music Centre audience in 1980. As James Clayden explains below, the sounds were already set up before the audience entered, then the amps were simply turned on. The performers present perhaps as a corpse; unmoving, yet with a dramatic visceral impact:

“The Corpse performance at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre (CHCMC) came out of recording sessions we had been having at an empty enclosed car park in the backstreets of Carlton and in Chris’s piano/music room in Fitzroy. We’d been experimenting with each of us getting our own specific sound/noise set up then seeing how we could manipulate these into one piece of music/sound, or noise whichever you prefer, that felt right.

“All recordings were made using a stereo binaural/dummy-head microphone set up as the “audience/listener”.

“After several sessions of this we figured we were ready to play/perform at CHCMC, deciding to set the sounds up before any audience arrived, turn off the amps with everything set and once people were seated we’d count to 4 turn amps on and take it from there, after 15 minutes or so we’d turn the amps off to end the piece. Doing the same sort of thing after a short interval, the sound to start would be different from the first piece as we’d start where we’d stopped, then ending the second piece in the same way as first piece.” – James Clayden, 2023.

The performance these recordings were taken from was reviewed in New Music #1 (read review at ). All reviewed artists were invited to respond to their reviews, and Ad Hoc responded:

* Not spotlights: two bare bulbs to see with.
* No accusation.
* No pre-recorded tapes: magnetic tape for delays/loops.
* For the particular end or case at hand without consideration or wider application.

Recorded live at Clifton Hill Community Music Centre 1980. 2023 reissue mastered by James A. Dean.
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AB-101 Wet Specimen Wet Dreamin’ LP
Albert’s Basement is very very happy to finally offer an LP edition of Wet Dreamin’, the debut by beautiful n dirty Wet Specimen who are to our ears one of the best bands in New Zealand (out of Otepoti/Dunedin) just a few thousand k’s over the Tasman Sea…

Wet Specimen are special… a rock band that is fiercely witty, dreamy with a soaring restlessness, elegant while being gnarly and harnessing a stunning unique gift for lyricism and storytelling – creating a world (both in sound and narrative) which is quite their own – a treat to float into & through as the record spins.

Wet Specimen are:
Lucy Hunter (vocals, bass, keys, trumpet)
Reg Norris (guitar, vocals)
Christopher Schmelz (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Bell at Port Chalmers Recording Service
Artwork by Saskia Rushton-Green @saskiarg
Tambourine and sonic sounds by Thomas Bell
With thanks to Lucinda King, Mary Cunningham, Albert Cunningham and Thomas Bell

Cheers to Lynton D for co-funding this!


1. Abraxas

2. The Dirt

3. Heaven’s Gate

4. Comfort

5. First Red Arrow

6. Boyfriends

7. The Fly

Recorded: ?

Released: 2023

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AB-92 Lime Works Curse Be Gone cassette
Melbourne downbeat but spirited outsider rock band Lime Works offer up Curse Be Gone, a follow up to 2017’s self-published I Keep Slipping.

In 2018 they were in Tbilisi, Georgia, when they roped a member of their entourage into joining them on bass in a rehearsal studio up five floors of an old, wide, wooden staircase, to prepare for a gig in the Lithuanian woods a stones throw from Vilnius. In between sips from a vodka flask and a parcel of fresh gaspacho, over three days they eeked out an unholy din of warped strings, drunken tin cans and sweet, subtle kisses.

Much time has passed since then, but so be it. Curse be gone, come aboard :P


1. Curse Be Gone

2. Attic Ballad

3. Caterpillar

4. Stroke

5. Filthy Jean

6. Untitled

7. Long Sea Cruise (Chubb wonder bunny)

8. Sucking Sweets

9. Basement Ballad

10. ….into sweet melody, time for a shot

11. Clay Legs

Recorded: 2018

Released: 2023

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AB-98 Ad Hoc Distance cassette -sold out

Shame File Music and Albert’s Basement present a reissue of Ad Hoc’s 1980 release “Distance”. Ad Hoc (James Clayden, Chris Knowles & David Wadelton, and at times David Brown) were an obscure Melbourne outfit of the late 1970s/early 80s who stood curiously apart from many of their more-storied contemporaries, but whose haunting ambient instrumentals sound remarkably contemporary four decades later. “Distance”, their sole release besides some compilation tracks, has been sourced from the original 4 channel master reel tape, and is now available digitally and on a limited edition of 100 replica pro-produced cassettes with risograph cover.


1. Yellow Mirror

2. The Mist

3. Breathless

4. Blue From Beyond The Sea

5. Sightless Lands

6. The Bridge

7. The Lighthouse

Recorded: 1979-80

Released: 2022

AB-83 Dan Cross Shopping cassette *2nd pressing now available

Late night balladeer and dirgy pop songwriter Dan Cross (Secret Valley, Lucida) is back with ‘Shopping’. It’s Dan’s first album under his own name. Where his recent recorded output in Secret Valley is densely layered, though arguably still lo-fi, his latest album is sparser. Loaded with an acoustic guitar, vocals, a 4-track tape recorder and his keyboard sidekick Michael Zulicki, Dan holed up at Jacana Studio and recorded the album in a short inspired period in winter. Dan’s songs are soulful, with droll, magical lyrics that are strange, smart and humorous. Rock n Roll used to be a friend of mine, baby.


1. Shopping

2. Night Beat

3. Rock n Roll Used To Be A Friend of Mine

4. Every Day

5. Can’t Beat the Feeling

6. Password

7. Quality Time

8. Turmeric

9. Pass the Salt

10. Come My Kingdom Come


Recorded: Winter, 2017.

Released: September, 2017.

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AB-85 Elli and Bev Recordings 9. 5. 2015 cassette -sold out 

In lieu of the follow up of our desires, Natalie K has kindly wrapped a hand around a spark – snatched out of the night, and put this album together from what was there. Favourites from the live set may be emitted, but we will forgive. Elli and Bev is the music of dreams, and so it’s only fitting they leave us with some. Pining for that moment to be reignited. A smile and a tear from behind the camera lense of this day we have, and above the wine glass clasped in our hands tonight. 

Recorded by Mia Schoen at Jacana Studio
Mixed by Mia, Natalie and Sam Acres
Mastered by Patrick Cross
All songs by E&B except Pascalle written by Pascal Comelade (lyrics by nk)


1. Bonus Life

2. Travelling

3. Pascalle

4. When You Find It

5. Already Gone

6. Golden Road

Released: October 23, 2021


AB-94 / TW03 Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole The S.M. Tape cassette -Sold out :(

Albert’s Basement and Tapeways are honoured to reissue this audio gem of beautiful sound making from almost 40 years ago. The S.M. Tape was recorded by Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole in 1982 at their home studio in IJmuiden, Netherlands – where they ran and distributed the EXART record label via the global mail network.

The S.M. Tape is an experimental electronic album of ‘simpel songs’. It sonically touches on elements of industrial, ambient and pop music, but this DIY masterpiece shines brightest in it’s harnessing of an energy.

After meeting Hessel and Nicole in Lithuania in 2018, something clicked for us – our ears and hearts were opened to their unique sounds and spirit.

Though they have played together in numerous projects such as Y Create and FNTC, The S.M. Tape is the only album released as Hessel Veldman and Nick Nicole, which makes it all the more special.

This is a collaborative release with Tapeways –

Edition of 105 copies. 80 black ink on cream paper, 25 blue ink on off-white paper, selected at random for each customer.

You can find some more info on the EXART catalogue at Electronic Cottage –


1. Untitled Part 1

2. In My Dreams

3. Untitled Part 2

4. Untitled Part 3

5. Untitled Part 4

6. B^te

7. Untitled Part 5

8. Untitled Part 6

9. Playing My Game

10. Lost In Cairo

11. Untitled Part 7

12. Kissing Your Neighbour

13. Get Up…And Dance

14. Untitled Part 8

15. Untitled Part 9

Recorded: 1982

Released: October, 2021

AB-91 Opposite Sex High Drama cassette -sold out

Very happy to have here a cassette edition of the new album by the mighty Opposite Sex out of Otepoti/Dunedin – who are easily one of the best bands to come out of New Zealand in recent years, consisting of Lucy Hunter (now of Wet Specimen) on bass/vox, Timothy Player (Ov Pain) on drums/vox and Reg Norris (previously Hammering the Cramps, Moe Grizzly) on guitar/vox  – and the album in hand is High Drama.

OS’s modus operandi here is Rock n Roll done right, with sharp wit and a fuzzed up heart. Swathes of psychedelic guitar and poignant wordplay punctuate with intricate touch a sound that is musically adventurous, abandoned and unique.

Get the LP via Spik n Span, the tape here or either over at Opposite Sex HQ.


1. Shoots Me Like A Knife

2. Breath In A Dish

3. Combine Harvester

4. Tumble Down/Mikhail

5. Dick On A Throne

6. Owls Do Cry

7. Robotica

8. Nico

9. Dinosaur

Released: March, 2021

*try the OS Bandcamp for band copies of the cassette :)

AB-90 2 Chevrons No Rules In Outta Space cassette

Like grapes from a vine, each song falls amongst the dirty garden bed and reeks into the sunlight, a wonderfully bright sunlight.
There’s a strange and beautiful fight amongst these starry Milky Way-drunk pop songs.

Lines like ‘You’re so near, how do you make things disappear?’ just ring fucking true like staring up at the sky, tearing up.

There are moments that remind me of the cheekiness + sweetness of Clag.


1. No Rules In Outta Space

2. Fuck You

3. Disappear

4. Disconnection

5. Flash of Light

6. Travellin’ On

7. Watch and Recall

8. Caroline

Released: November 2019

Listen here


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AB-87 Pink Mouse Vacation cassette -Sold out

Here’s the follow up to 2012’s Untitled tape from Melanie Simpson’s fresh Pink Mouse project. Melanie (Meanjin/Brisbane) has brought us much joy here over the years in acts like Craft Bandits, Cupcake Club, Simsuns and Shooga, dazzling with sparkle smudges, dream zones, pop music but not? So we are joyed to help continue the story by offering this long coming Pink Mouse follow up, ‘Vacation’, on Albert’s Basement. Enjoy!


1. 60’s

2. Fight the Cistern

3. Inner Spaces

4. On Hold

5. Citizen

6. Single Guy

7. Vacation

Recorded: 2017

Released: October 2019

Listen HERE

AB-89 Michael Zulicki cassette -sold out

Michael’s solo debut. Experiments and responses. 30 copies. 2nd edition of 30 available now.


1. Untitled

2. Untitled

3. Untitled

4. Untitled

5. Untitled

6. Untitled (w Phoebe Robertson)
Recorded: 2014 – 2017

Released: Winter, 2018
Listen HERE

AB-77 Kawaguchi Masami Live 2016 cassette, available now! Sold out

Live instalment from Japan’s Kawaguchi Masami. A touching soul and a blistering touch.
Playing Melbourne on Aug 25 at Thornbury Bowls Club, will be magic.


1. Back and Forth ~ Through the Clouds

2. Melt

3. Sleep Without Dreams

4. Miracles

Recorded: 2016

Released: July 2018


AB-80 Blue Suede Platforms Collection cassette -Sold out

Introducing the flamboyant n full ‘Collection’ from possibly Liverpool UK’s finest bedroom act Blue Suede Platforms. Since 2014, they’ve been shimmying and shaking like no other over three sold out cassettes (first on Grog Pappy and 2nd & 3rd on Detroit MI’s All Gone) with grunt, *pop* and hiss. After becoming severely infected with the funky lemonade pouring out from those spools, both the red-hot nuggets and the downbeat ballads, we sent over a note to BSP HQ declaring our love and the Collection tape was born.

Try to think Cannanes’ Happy Swing but perhaps if teenage Ritchie Venus was hired to give the sessions a glam hue.

Comes w/ download card.


1. Who’s Better?

2. Sisters

3. You Want To Be Her

4. I Wore A Woman’s Dress

5. Buy It!

6. Bike

7. Lea-Brook Baths

8. Feels Like Going Down

9. Do You Want To Be A Man?

10. Your Hair Is Really Clean

11. Jill You Were My Best Friend

12. Watering The Plant

13. I Swam To The Surface

14. Blame

15. Shiver

16. Untitled 1

17. Untitled 2

18. What Do You Know About Me?

19. An Actor’s Revenge

20. Pearly Spectre

21. Who’s Better?

22. The Maypole Lurch

23. Spending Time Alone

24. Soiree

25. I’ll Take The Lemonade

26. Rebel Debutante

27. Moments Of Joy

28. Tomatoes Like Malachite

29. How Can You Know What I Feel?

30. Woodland Gathering

31. She Has It All

32. Sleeping On The Ceiling

33. Hypochondriac

34. Gonna Make You Really Sorry

35. Rambling, Out One Day

Recorded: 2014? – 2016

Released: July, 2018

AB-75 Lucida cassette -Sold out

LUCIDA – A recent edition on the Melbourne music scene, have bound together members of stalwart bands such as – New Estate, Elli and Bev, The Curse, Mad Nanna and Secret Valley – coming on board with a new lyricist/vocalist to create intriguing, moody synth pop tunes and brightly distorted guitar anthems.
Building links between genres with esoteric lyrics and a sonic distillation of harmony, distortion, camaraderie and spirit, Lucida’s self titled debut is released on underground favourite label – Albert’s Basement – out just as autumn ends.

Recorded at Jacana Studios, Mixed at Soundczek Studios by Nik S’czek.


1. Measured

2. Soft Machine

3. Clover

4. Cloudseeding

5. Miranda

6. Bioluminescence

Recorded: 2016

Released: Winter, 2018


AB-73 Poulson Studio cassette -sold out

Introducing you to a secret psychedelic underground of Christchurch, New Zealand circa mid-00s. A flat share house band on the far fringes of the scene playing care free, mischievous, groovy, groovy music that feels light hearted and mighty fine.

Imagine Young Marble Giants, The Cure and Mary Briefcase are on tour and go back to the hotel room for a jam after the big show. This magic ensues… smiles dripping from the hotel wallpaper…. caught by someone with a Dictaphone. Upon checking out they left a copy of the tape at reception. The hotel managers were so fond of the jive they payed for the recordings to be used in the elevators at their hotel.

So, take a trip to Poulson St and enrich your senses!

1. Self-Introduction

2. Wooden Key Dreamin’

3. Don’t Walk

4. Take Me On A Holiday

5. Groove On In

6. What You’re Looking For, I’m Sure

7. Forge A Path

8. Raindance

9. To The Entheogen Temples

10. Groove On

11. Street Inspiration

12. The Human Voice

13. Endodrive

14. Dancefloor Disease

15. Kickin’ Science

16. Questioning Authority

17. Fast Times

18. Under The Water Line

19. Compelling Journey

20. Florian Dreamer

21. Florian Spacerocket

22. G-Strung

23. Your Highs Are Melting In The Sun

Recorded: 2007-2008

Released: June, 2018

AB-82 The Trendees We Are Sonic Art 12″ out now! Available in NZ from Melted Ice Cream

We Are Sonic Art is a stupid phrase but we are grateful for it’s pompous vapid powers. This music was inspired by indifference, small towns and cold winds.

For fans of Electric Eels, Kitchens Floor and The Stooges.

“If their fantastic new EP We Are Sonic Art is any indication, expect a fine squall of garage-noise-pop somewhere between the pre-punk isolation of Mid-west 70s isolates like Half Japanese and Electric Eels, and somewhat later, more obviously revisionist approach of more knowing primitives, like Pussy Galore, Kitchen’s Floor and Mad Nanna – certainly I haven’t heard a band like this play in town since the loss of the mighty Aesthetics. As such a comparison suggests, there’s a balance robustly explored between the simplicities of minimalism and the expressive possibilities the approach allows through the cracks. This creates a pretty messy racket, channelling songs seemingly drawn from the small frustrations and curiosities of genteel provincial life, and channelling them forcefully through the kind of rigidly enclosed sonic atonality we all want to see the boring and genteel parts of our lives forced through. Or perhaps other people’s lives.” –
Campbell Walker, Dunedin.

“Mounting frustration caused this – it felt like it might be the last time. The four track was set up on the ironing board. We felt pissed off and ignored. We played our songs slurping on beer and snarling stupid between takes. There were cords everywhere slack and trodden. Piles of paper with felt tip words in a corner by the mic stand. Power Waves came out early and I sang it feeling dumb looking out the window at the same patch of water in the lyric. Sometimes we stamped our feet, yelled or jerked unintentionally. Formula was much later and by this stage I had cleared out for more space to whirl about in the far end of the room, hunched over howling everything before I collapsed. The performances had become increasingly careless and unhinged. We
felt giddy. Afterwards someone got some cheap champagne and we sat on the bonnet of Austen’s car. It was sunny. We felt good.” – Matt Plunkett, Oamaru.


1. Power Waves

2. Boring Party

3. Small Town Dressing Gown

4. Centre Of Town

5. Motorcycle (Makes Loud Noise)

6. Good Formula

7. Concorde #3

Recorded: 2015

Released: October, 2017


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We Are Sonic Art is a split release with Melted Ice Cream in New Zealand.

AB-79 默契 Moe Chee and Jen Callaway Testament of the Trinity Cassette -sold out

默契 (pronounced ‘Moe-chee’ or ‘Mo-Qi’) is a phrase in Mandarin that has no direct English translation, but can variously be interpreted as ‘silent bonding’, ‘unspoken agreement’, ‘mutual understanding’, ‘tacit’, ‘in sync’.

Chun-liang Liu and Clinton Green are artists working together with dance, music, movement and sound. Their performances, often unofficial and in public spaces, seek engagement and interaction with audiences and passersby. 默契 describes their connection in performance.

Testament of the Trinity documents Day 6 of a 7-day performance piece End of April, Beginning of May that took place in 2015. Moe Chee met in the State Library of Victoria forecourt every day for a week, each day at a different time of day, always unannounced and staged without permission. On Day 6 Jen Callaway (of Hi God People, Is There A Hotline?) was their guest performer.

A magical recording that is both field recording of place and document of performance. For fans of Gabi Losoncy, Pauline Oliveros, Henning Christiansen, The Clifton Hill Music Centre and Hi God People. Open your ears and greet 默契.

Released: July 2017


AB-78 Bourgeois Bigots @ Albert’s Basement Fest Cassette

The debut for Bourgeois Bigots @ Albert’s Basement Fest is a document of their closing set at said festival at Dane’s Magic Theatre. Tim Panaretos (The Drunken Boat, Untermorast) on keys and Jesse Clark (Howling Gruel, Wendy In The Mountains and the Caves with the Slaves, Hammering The Cramps) on drums create long swooping dunts that hang like a bright light bulb on a wire, swinging back and forth over a long hallway with a red rug on it’s floor in your memory or consciousness. They ended the night with a graceful thud.


1. i

2. ii

3. iii

4. iv

Program repeated on both sides.

Recorded: October 2016.

Released: July 2017.


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AB-76 The Trendees Barmaid Cassingle  -Sold out

The Trendees are a fine fine punk band out of Oamaru, New Zealand, one half Moonrakers and one half Matt Plunkett, who rock n stumble and groan n mutter with wit like no other, who have delivered up the absurdly great We Are Sonic Art mini-album – soon to be getting a vinyl issue – and a little wee 7″ called Go To Town on Wellington label Epic Sweep. Both were issued and gobbled up in a flash, so we thought we’d up a couple of dizzying off-cuts from the Go To Town sessions for the hardcore fans. May be infectious…


1. Barmaid

2. Flat tac on a mooney night

Released: July 2017


AB-74 Mia Schoen Golden Hour Cassette -2nd edition available!

We’re very chuffed to have Melbourne-via-Perth shining star Mia Schoen release her new solo cassette on Albert’s Basement! We all know Mia from New Estate, Huon, Sleepy Township, Mollases (and much more) and here we are basking in her warm light once again. Golden Hour is a bright and complex web of short pop songs, like little worlds that will reveal themselves more and more upon repeat listens, giving much delight. From the presser…

“Mia’s music is all about possibility. The basic scaffold can be used to construct an array of amazingly creative enterprises. She can be on the wavelength of Brian Wilson one time, then Donovan the next, then Astrud Gilberto the next. You can’t pin it down, you just know it comes from a hundred different places at once and comes together to make something entirely new.

Mia launches Golden Hour in a special one-off band of unbelievably talented pals: Guy Blackman on keys, Mindy Mapp on bass, Tym Krazevac on drums, Natalie Kumpis on drone keys and Bella Cullen on backing vocals.” – D. Nichols


1. Alien Conspiracy

2. Old Molasses

3. Ghost Tower

4. APT

5. Pressuredown

6. 20 to 9

7. Apocalypse

8. Astro Reading

9. Bell Bird

10. Wondering Mind

11. Black Valley

12. Tarnished

13. Black & Red

14. Perfect Vision

15. Magpie Blues

16. Find Someone

17. Suiki

18. Corella

19. Why Cry

20. Where u Think

21. Gladdy Canyon

22. Magnetized

23. Just a sec

24. Empress Alcohol

25. Good Men

26. Heat

27. Running Rough

28. Here and Now

29. Love Yr Art

Recorded: 2016

Released: February, 2017

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AB-71 Sam Bakers The Usual Cassette -Sold out

The latest from Melbourne’s Sam Bakers, following up his debut cassette “At Home”.

Gags. An internal quiz. Philosophical dilemmas.
Inflated, meaningless or quite profound, however you may have it.

Recorded: 2016

Released: January 2017

AB-72 No Magic Potbound and Northbound VHS -Back in stock

4 new recordings and videos from Brisbane experimental pop band No Magic. VHS produced completely by the band. Lewis O’Leary of No Magic is previously responsible for the albums Fossicking For Frogs (Old Growth Cola, on Goaty Tapes) and Eating The Afterbirth (Lewis O’Leary, on Breakdance The Dawn) which are both superb and well worth tracking down if you can. Members of Scrabbled, Toilet Roll Dolls and Blend 42 From Outer Space feature in No Magic. This video is the perfect introduction. Limited copies available for both AUS/EUR and USA/JAP compatible players.


1. Dubbo Zoo

2. Make Ourselves Believe

3. Stuck By You

4. Square One

Recorded: ?

Released: 2016

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AB-69 Matthew P. Hopkins W’s 7″

Previous Sydney-sider, now Melbourne based artist Matthew P. Hopkins has worked as part of a number of groups over the last 10 years including Naked On The Vague, Vincent Over The Sink, Hochman & Hopkins, Four Door, and more recently Half High, and in duo mode with Tim Coster.

In recent years Hopkins’ attention has become increasingly focussed on solo output that explores the realms of musique concrete, electro-acoustic composition, ambient music, sound poetry, noise, and nonsense, with releases on Penultimate Press (UK), Vittelli Records (UK), Canti Magnetici (IT), and Horizon Pages (AU).

This 7″ release, ‘W’s’, his first solo single and debut on Albert’s Basement, is inviting and pleasing in parts, with just a hint of menace; a playful presage if you will. A slow moving (is it?) interlude to your day. Repetitious, slightly psychological synthesiser pings and waves suggest waiting (for who, or what?). Half whispers and bits of questions arise, but nothing coherent is voiced. Objects within reach on the desk are aimlessly shuffled, tapped, and slowly slid. Is that someone at the door? Probably not.


1. W

2. W & W

Released: Late 2015/early 2016

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AB-70 Mysteries Of Love Wasted Love LP $25 -temporarily unavailable

Another gem un earthed from the break dance the dawn sacred mineral reserve. If you haven’t already picked up the Xwave and Girls Girls Girls LPs on Little Big Chief or the Muura full length and Sprot 7″ on Wormwood- not to mention that xNOBBQx Skewer 10″ on Golden Lab- seek out those treasures while you can you will not be disappointed! Mysteries vocalist Anthony Guerra (Antipan, Love Chants, Your Intestines) is one of the key players in the bdtd scene and this record, one of his hallmark performances, is the latest to drop on vinyl from the breakdance back catalogue. Wasted Love was recorded sometime in the 00’s in Tokyo, Japan by A Guerra (vocals), Mark Anderson (drums), Mark Sadgrove (guitar) and Noel Callan (guitar). Radically re-mastered by James Plotkin for this release and with one previously unheard track.


1. Wasted Love

2. Pale Moon

3. Eternal Love

4. No One

Recorded: 2008-2010

Released: 15th January, 2016

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AB-62 Sam Bakers At Home cassette -Sold out

Debut from Bakers. Out now on download and cassette.


1. Side A

2. Side B

Recorded: 2014

Released: 2015

AB-68 They Spunks A Sporran Of Carrots Cassette -sold out

Debut from They Spunks who have been playing last few years based out of Auckland, New Zealand, made up of Bob Cardy (Axemen), Roddy Pain (Evil/Constant Pain) and Stefan Neville (Pumice).


1. Fear Train

2. Land Under Waves

3. Another Song About Beer

4. No One Ever Hurt This Bad And Lived To Tell

5. Firestorm

6. Potion

7. I Am A Liar

8. Win Some, Lose Some, Lose Some More

9. Op Shop Drops

10. The Wonderful Cigarettes

11. Investigations

Recorded: 2014

Released: January, 2015

AB-66 $low Lolly Gas Cassette -Sold out

Brisbane’s Henry Mills from Wardenburger goes solo as $low. Each cassette comes with a unique sticker.


1. 1

2. 2

Recorded: 2014

Released: January, 2015

AB-67 Scrabbled Live cassette -sold out

Scrabbled Live comes to you fresh from the hearts of one of Australia’s best bands. Tear and tumble rock n roll? Voices of reason speaking directly and cheekily? Scrabbled’s songs have grown on me from scratch the head and look interest… to being in love.

For those of you who don’t know them.. Bek Moore is from Above Ground Pool and CLAG, and we’re bloody happy she’s got a new band going! Her songwriting partner in Scrabbled is Dusty Anastassiou from DAG. The latest incarnation of the live band includes Mark Spinks (Gravel Samwidge), Timothy Green and Skye McNicol (Wardenburger, Bent) who all contribute wonderful energy and momentum to the Scrabbled vehicle. This cassette features some old crew on it though. Conwae Burrell (of Extrafoxx), the lead guitarist that was playing when I first saw Scrabbled play, Jason Bright, and let’s not forget Emily Wade, the body clock of the band until she upped and left. There’s a few guest players on this one too.

Their last release Welcome To Pig City (on Virtual Cool) is essential and nearly sold out, seek it out if you can. One of the most beautiful pop recordings I’ve heard in some time!


1. Good Enough Cunt

2. Jebus Cried

3. New Pig City

4. Masochistic Love

5. Dead Noise

6. New Kids On The Block

7. Nervous By Nature

8. New Pig City

9. W. A.

10. O.C.D

11. Waiting For Godot

12. Brisbane

Recorded: 2013/2014

Released: November, 2014

AB-65 Secret Valley The Glisten EP 12″

Alberts Basement is damn excited to present ‘The Glisten e.p.’ 12-inch by Melbourne’s very own Secret Valley.
The follow up to Secret Valley’s self-titled debut, ‘The Glisten e.p.’ glows with pulsing keyboards, dirty guitar, close/dreamy lyrics and bangin’ beats constructed to party and transcend existence.

The two singers Dan Cross and Phoebe Robertson begin articulating their feelings in a warm and bright manner, with abstract interjections that are juicy as hell and take us along a trail-ride of dreams, yearnings, bummers and bad vibes, all the while keeping it fun and humorous with self-awareness and inventive descriptions such as “sometimes friends of coincidence used to twist the day time vine”. The words are where lyricist Dan Cross lays it bare and toys with his song craft.
Recorded over 2013/2014 and mastered by Mikey Young, ‘The Glisten e.p.’ is a home made masterpiece. From the hand painted eagle with a crow’s body on the album cover to the recording and music video for lead track ‘Angry Loners Unite’ (featuring comics star Simon Hanselmann) Dan has been in control. The whole e.p. was recorded by Dan in his home studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. He made it how he likes it, and he made it for you!

Dan has been honing his craft for over 15 years as Rentboy and Secret Valley is a more pop progression. His songs are complex blueprints, a maze of articulate arrangements and blossoming interplay. The songs are anthemic.

‘Angry Loners Unite’ is a bitter sweet pop hit ‘Be Happy & Enjoy Yourself’ is an epic white trash rhapsody ‘Crow Bar’ is catchy and claustrophobic and ‘My Two Kids’ a cover of a Mad Nanna tune, groans and shines.
New addition Phoebe Robertson from The Curse sings her lines strong and confidently, her bright voice beaming into the atmosphere and her trombone tearing away triumphantly.

Soul food for dark shadows.

Comes with lyric sheet and digital download code.

distributed in the U.S. by Chris Durham contact All Gone for overseas orders


1. Angry Loners Unite

2. Be Happy and Enjoy Yourself

3. Crow Bar

4. My Two Kids

Recorded: 2013-2014

Released: October 2014

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AB-64 Elli & Bev Might Not Look Like It To You 12″

Elli & Bev is the new pop band of Melbourne’s Natalie K (The Enclosures) and Karl von B (Horse Mania, A Band Called Life, Hammering The Cramps). Might Not Look Like It To You is their statemement of ecstacy, be it in all it’s foul forms. It was recorded in two days with Rory Cooke (of Elizaband) after playing their first gig in a rambling Preston backyard and just before Natalie left the country indefinitely for a European life. This is what they left us with, but we hope… they’ll be back!
Keyboard parts have been jammed out, teased out over many sessions and the songs themselves are left as beautiful bare-chested pillars. Perhaps they are close to as they were when they were written, or maybe they’ve been cut way down for the listeners benefit, we’re not to know… but they stand short, sharp, boiling with vigour and the bond of friendship.
If you’re looking for comparisons you could think of the intimacy of Pip Proud, or some of the energy of the Tall Dwarfs, or just a touch of the sleazy wit of some fuckin’body recording demos to their 4-track after way too much red wine.
Songs are rich in words and wit. They touch on subjects of friendship, relationships, what it all means, cruising into the night, but most of all they all offer you the opportunity to be taken off and away to somewhere you’ve never been before, guided by a direct and considerate hand, a warmth in the atmosphere. Go on, go there! And let’s talk about it afterwards. Both Nat and Karl have a knack for writing engaging and loveable songs with little twists that feel gnarly around our ankles.

A split release with our friends at Quemada Records (New York, USA).
For US orders contact Quemada –


1. 31 Men

2. Bonus Life

3. Already Gone

4. Cruise

Recorded: 2013

Released: October 2014

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AB-68 Hannah Evans and Karl von Bamberger Mad Nanna prints, $12 plus postage *bits&pieces left, email for specifics

artwork and font designed by Hannah Evans and Karl von Bamberger
email for available items –
we have shirts, tops, pillow cases, napkins and skirts but only a few of each and prints vary in quality. Designed and handprinted in 2014

AB-61 Lime Works Mild Infection cassette -Sold out

“My hearts beating like a fucked clock”

“Now you’re getting older, a tropical bird on your shoulder”

Introducing new melbourne band Lime Works. Piecing together songs from their own notes, quotes from books and words thought of on the spot, backed by improvised guitars they pick through the pages on the floor. Josey on vox sounds so discontent and downbrow drawling about weird problems. Scott manages to tease soaring notes out of his guitar with sweet and subtle bends, he obviously has a considerate touch. Not to say he never rambles like a fuck.

Mild infection is a sprawling 50-something minutes, sometimes sounding absolutely dire but then moments that fall out so sweetly.
Artwork by Josey Kidd-Crowe, Scott McCulloch and Allanah Stewart. Each cassette is unique.


1. Zam-Buk

2. Grey Sock

3. The Rest Cure

4. Woozy & Weezy

5. A Different Thing

6. The Janitor Sweeping Out The Old Leper Colony

7. Black Sails

8. Sick In The Sun

9. Swans

Recorded: 2013-2014

Released: June, 2014

ALB-60 Inevitable Orbit Block Dissolve cassette -sold out

Introducing the debut album from Inevitable Orbit, the song writing outlet for Julian Williams’s (of Hi God People, Boiled Dwarf, Solids etc) pop/rock songs. After an EP that featured Dion Nania on bass/vox, Dion exited and the band became the core group of Julian Williams, Francis Plagne (on multiple instruments) and Greg Allom (on percussion).

Block Dissolve is gorgeous, energetic and full of words that wonder. Lush harmonies pop up and are quickly cut back, the somewhat lowkey but flavoursome horn and string arrangements include contributions from Nicole Thibault(Minimum Chips, Clag), Judith Hamaan (Francis Plagne Band), Alison Bolger (Clag, Panel Of Judges, Beaches) among many others.

Production duties taken care of by Joe Talia at his studio in Brunswick.


1. Against The Grain

2. Edison Lights

3. Door A,Door B=Door AB

4. Dreams Tune In, Dreams Tune Out

5. Airport Waiting Lounge

6. Imaginary Landscapes

7. I Hope You Had A Nice Life Before You Flew Into My Eye

8. American Spring

9. Puppet In A Suitcase On The Way To Nowhere

10. In Chengdu

11. Clear

Recorded: 2012

Released: June, 2014

AB-58 Tracey 100% Humidity cassette -Sold out


1. Tropical Low 1

2. Tropical Low 2

Tracey is the jaw dropping and far reaching Brisbane combo of Marisa Allen, Bonnie Hart and Nicola Morton. Using guitar, synth, drums and effects to untangle their thoughts, some of the sweetest and more unpredictable instrumental interplay is sung, barked and argued feverishly. Pitch a few coins over here for their cassette won’t you, dingbat?

Recorded: ?

Released: June, 2014

AB-59 Rentboy King of Knives cassette -Sold out

Before his current project Secret Valley, Dan Cross’ primary song writing vehicle was Rentboy. Rentboy existed from 1996-2009, primarily based in Hobart, Tasmania.
Dan has played varying roles in groups such as 50 Million Clowns, The Gentlemen, Avoidable Droid, End Show, Kind Winds, Karen Carpenter, Cross Brothers, Midnight Caller and others.
Rentboy was sometimes solo and also a band as well, featuring Patrick Cross (Midnight Caller) and Ben Crothers (End Show) whose label Consumer Productions released released the seminal ‘clocktower’ album way back in 2000.

The second album ever made by Rentboy was back in ’97.
‘King of Knives’ was conceived as a concept album in that the material was to be dark and fairly autobiographical. The lyrics have the psychodrama of a crudely scrawled diary entry.
Grey guitars, echoed voices, occasional samples and peppered feedback provide the background. The 4-track recording uses every aspect of that medium to a sharp and playful purpose.

Copies were made and released by Consumer Productions in 1997 but most were lost in transit in Melbourne. Then during a ‘bad afternoon’ Dan smashed the master tape, feeling he had gone somewhat too far. His friend Julian Percy had been told to destroy his copy but didn’t, which allowed Consumer Productions to release a CD-R version several years later in 2004 re-mastered by Ben Crothers.

Alberts Basement are proud to release a brand new limited edition cassette run of the ‘King of Knives’ cassette, with full colour artwork and complete lyrics. Each cassette also comes with a download code.


1. Woke Upon Fire

2. Your Dead Heart

3. One More Day

4. Sorry

5. Paper Hell

6. Fire

7. Crater Face

8. Ship Is Going Down

9. The Princess

Recorded: 1997

Released: May 13th, 2014

AB-57 Bruce Tiffany cassette -sold out

Introducing… Bruce Tiffany! Bruce hails from the islands of Aotearoa (New Zealand), but was living and gigging in Melbourne when these sessions were recorded by Lynton Denovan around 2012. Making pop songs with a keyboard and lips, Bruce sings about Electric Trees, Bicycle riding amongst other things, letting her excitement ebb and flow, frenzied if it will, while holding up a general pop format.
The textures are just lovely, sometimes jilted and scruffy, I implore you to hold Bruce’s hands while you dance or listen to her tales.

Recorded: 2012

Released: February, 2014

AB-56 Vodka Sparrows ‘no title / self title’ cassette -Sold Out!

Let’s be Vodka Sparrows…

Recorded: 2005

Released: July, 2013

AB-55 Bearded Iris ‘Fuck Tha Polise’ cassette -Sold out

This is the debut release of Melbourne’s Bearded Iris, the recordings of Ora Ni and friends. Ora plays strings, percussions, keyboards and sings making interesting songs. Mesmerising. Dudes Dave Mike and Lynton Denovan help out with a bit of rhythm on this one, guesting on one song each, as we are carried away by a feeling. Sit back and enjoy!


1. Hiatus

2. Pull

3. Harold

4. Pearcy Peterson

5. I Am Anne Marie

6. Ready

7. Aloha

8. Vagina Is Life

9. Ming Ming

10. Ora Ni

Recorded: 2011-2013

Released: July, 2013

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Black Greasy Basement #1 – The Satanic Rockers ‘Fu-Kung’ LP $24 -sold out

It’s finally arrived, the full length LP from Melbourne’s Satanic Rockers (featuring Josh Jenkins, Tim Wood and Heavy Turkey’s Dave Mike and Lynton Denovan). A smathering of intriguing tales, these songs ploom up in a beautiful wind and take you away. Comes with a cover drawn by Tim Wood and printed by a gentleman who’s name I’ve forgotten somewhere in the U.S. Distributed in that part of the world by Little Big Chief.
Black, greasy, fucking basement.

AB53 Drymouth ‘Astral Outback’ cassette -sold out

Debut from Melbourne, Australia’s Drymouth, which is Sean McMorrow (of Cockpit) and Cooper Bowman (Flat Fix, Orinokoflo).

Hear it here:

Recorded: 2012

Released: June, 2013

AB52 Secret Valley cassette with postcard -sold out

Secret Valley is the new band of Melbourne’s Dan Cross (Rentboy, 50 Million Clowns, Midnight Caller, End Show) and this album features Natalie K (The Enclosures) and Karl von Bamberger (Hammering The Cramps, A Band Called Life, Horse Mania). A product of Fitzroy, Melbourne it’s a beautiful pop record with intelligent writing full of humour and sattire, and a dose of honesty. This is music for boys and girls. Comes with full colour art, lyrics and download postcard.


1. The Night Life

2. Streets Of Fitzroy

3. You Will Never Be Satisfied

4. Three Is A Tragic Number

5. Glitter Lung

6. The Wilted & Unwanted

7. Morning Star

8. Storm

Recorded: 2012/2013

Released: June, 2013

AB51 A Band Called Horse cassette -Sold out arseholes!

Recorded about 2004 A band called Horse features Adam Best, Simon Hanselmann and Karl von Bamberger. Put together to co-incide with, accompany, the release of the A Band Called Life 7″, this is a one-off but a link to the world of Horse Mania, and a delightful racket in itself. Cover drawings by Karl.


1. Internet Rules

2. That’s Sweet

Recorded: 2004?

Released: June, 2013

AB50 A Band Called Life 7″

Abc Life formed in Melbourne 2003 by Adam Best and Karl von Bamberger(of Horse Mania and Hammering The Cramps), recorded first album that year, played a gig. For seperate reasons both had to return in 2004 to Tasmania where they originally harkened from. Had one more band practice in Tassie in 2004 which this EP is the outcome and then broke up to pursue nothing. Got back together in 2009 to release and promote the first record, happily together ever since.

Mastered by Patrick Cross. Comes in a full colour sleeve with lyric sheet. Plays at 45rpm.


1. Supine and Generative

2. Everyone’s Trying To Kill Me

3. Everything’s Natural

4. With Effortless Grace You Twinkle

Recorded: 2004

Released: June, 2013


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AB49 Extrafoxx ‘Pierre Le Rat’ cassette

Check out this tape, it has a song about stealing sunnies from The Big Pineapple on it. Described by the man called Adam Rogers as a greatest hits record. I saw them play twice in Melbourne last week.

A re-issue of the CD released by Unique Beautiful Flowers in 2010.


1. Do What You Like

2. DAmG

3. Lisa Needs Braces

4. Big Hairy Giant

5. Perfect

6. Hyperspace

7. Eg

8. Heavin

9. Big Pineapple

10. Faith

11. Disease


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AB48 Sacred Product EP cassette -sold out(now available on LP through the distro)

The bins are overflowing at Hungry Jacks and Lynton Denovan is here to tell you all about it..

A sort of mid point between The Satanic Rockers and Encounter Group.


1. Iron Coffin

2. Endless Blue

3. Hungry Like Jack

4. Cup Of The Great Eagle

5. Another Shot At Life

6. Bald And The Beautiful

AB47 Rob & Stefan ‘Manic Guitar Sessions’ -Sold out

Arching into a wonderland of blissful 2AM, or is it 5pm? It could be anytime the way these guys celebrate.

“I used to jam with a guy called Stefan back in ’92 -’93. Our general routine was thus: Stefan would come over to my house with his guitar and two half gallon jars. Then we would walk to Harringtons brewery and get the jars filled with beer. Upon returning to the house we would plug into my Fender amp, drink beer and make some noise. Most of these sessions i would record a few tunes that seemed at the time to have some merrit. These tapes have been at the bottom of my cassette box for 20 years or so and i’ve only now ripped them to digital media (ditching about half of it due to either poor quality recording, or if it was simply rubbish i wouldn’t let my dog listen to).
We weren’t really planning a band or anything but considered playing in cafes (or somewhere other than pubs) for a laugh but that never eventuated. Sad, because i would have loved to torment the villagers with this crazy shit. Not all of this stuff is sonically challenging though. There are a few mellow and spacious moments where the villagers are lulled into a false sense of security.
Stefan’s guitar sound is more ‘bass’ sounding due to to fact that he ripped the frets out of it and half the time he’s playing it like a bass too. Fingers, not picks. There’s no overdubs or anything on these tracks. Just the two of us playing guitars and drinking.
Recorded at 329 Cambridge tce, Christchurch, NZ. for those of you with an eye for posterity.”

Available in a White art cassette edition, or very limited Gold art cassette or Cdr edtions.


1. Tapped Into The Mainline

2. Bent Fun (Part 1)

3. Real Short Fuse

4. Demons On The Solstice

5. Hawaiian Doom

6. Speak Before You Are Spoken To

7. Assassination Attempt Overdrive

8. Birdlings Flat Premonition

9. Where Do We Plug In?

10. Out On The Peninsula

11. Bent Fun (Part 2)

12. Pleasance

13. Hare Krishna Luncheon

14. Under The Purple Evening Sky

AB46 It Hurts ‘The Thing That Stings’ cassette $7 -Sold out

It Hurts have just started up in Auckland, ‘The Thing That Stings’ is their debut and we’re very excited to have it available here. Claire, Angeline (from Currer Bells) and Beth (from The Futurians) make up the band.

They bleed into the speakers wrecking rituals of beautiful pain.

“They looked across the lagoon then and saw the swans, black and shining, as if the visiting dark tiring of its form had changed to birds, hundreds of them resting and moving softly about on the water. Why, the lagoon was filled with swans, like secret sad ships, secret and quiet. Hush-sh the water said, rush-hush, the wind passed over the top of the water, no other sound but the shaking of rushes and far away now it seemed the roar of the sea like a secret sea that had crept inside your head for ever.”

All stinging, all chanting, all three the hurting kind: It Hurts emerged out of the torrid dying days of an Auckland summer. Claire, Beth and Angeline all played in other bands in other cities before converging on the origin to inflict an unsettling punk rock buzz. Bugged out bass, beats, waves and wails.


1. Blinds

2. Washed Up

3. The Thing That Stings

4. Micro

5. Cicada

6. Hawkland

7. It Hurts

8. It Hurts U

9. Division

10. Waves

11. Storm

AB45 Extrafoxx ‘Love Is God’ cassette $6 -last copies

Many will be familiar with Extrafoxx as a pop band led by Brisbane’s Conwae Burrell. I first caught a glimpse when he toured down to Melbourne to play an in-store at Sunshine & Grease in the CBD. The gig was fantastic, almost thrilling, he was accompanied by a good drummer, who I now recognise as Bob Vagg from Wonderfuls. Around this time a handful of people in Melbourne, me included, were turned onto The Saddest record and gave it a good belting. Here we have Love Is God, Conwae’s latest album, which follows releases on Unique Beautiful Flowers and Bedroom Suck as well as some self released material.

Conwae is such a great performer, each song has it seems a simple theme, but each time he rises to the note. He carries with him true spirit, containing such grace and a full weight. He’s right at the heart of things.

The accompaniment, Joe Alexander, drums sometimes distant sometimes strong, but altogether steady. Rollicking, happy or even sometimes unaware. A stark co-existence.

Two or three chord dedications to existing. A seldom melody ripping through your heart. It’s such a handsome tune. Talking about how unclear things can be sometimes. A strange, gripping dilemma.

CD-R Version of Love Is God is available directly through Unique Beautiful Flowers.


1. Obsessed

2. Fanatic Rail

3. To Lift The Weight

4. The Tempest Send

5. Can You Feel

6. I Love You

7. Mum And Dad

8. There Is A Space

9. The Beatles Were Right

10. Ten Songs Of Love


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AB44 X In O cassette $6 -Sold out

X In O is the solo project of Brisbane’s Katie Martin, and this is her debut. You may know her from Stag, Brainbeau, The Gerald Keaneys. I think I first saw her perform in a secret band with Melanie Simpson and Charles Curse.

These tunes, little works, psych-outs are mighty fine. Plodding, slowly advancing tunes, video game environments, a celebration of tones. Blissful, they stop in their tracks and question their existence and nature.

Each track with titles like ‘You’re my satellite’ and ‘Sad’ may be sort of diary entries with keyboard parts being added to try and articulate the feeling best. We hear childish excursions and nightmares.

Katie is holding a siren in the air, it’s colourful. And there are dark moments here too, of course.


1. BOD

2. Solid

3. You’re My Satellite

4. Brainbeaus (featuring Chelvis Chesley)

5. Spiralise

6. Total Recoil

7. S.A.D.

8. (Live) On East Street

9. I Like The Nice Life, I Like To Boogidy Shwoogidy

10. Hammer And Popsicle

11. ZZ

AB43 The Charles Ives Singers ‘The Unbuilt’ cassette $10 -sold out

Extremely pleased to bring you the new 63-minute cassette album release from Melbourne’s The Charles Ives Singers. The Unbuilt is a re-working of a work of their’s Animate House. The first time I saw CIS was in a gallery in the city, one of em started up and another crashed in the room through the audience waving a rope horn all over the place. Since then I’ve seen them play a few more times, at The Northcote Uniting Church, Sunshine & Grease, The Empress Hotel, and there’s always that unmistakable whiff in the air, a restlessness. This improvised music trio, led by Victor Meertens and featuring Alexis Ensor and David Palliser, use their horns, strings, percussions and of course their vocals however they like, best they can. Here’s to their joyous existence. This cassette follows a series of self released cd and lathe-cut documents. Each cassette cover is a unique signed artwork by David Palliser.


1. A Country In Harmony

2. Mindset

3. Alienated Objects

4. Sound Checkout

5. Animate House

6. Getting Sunstroke

7. Could End Malaria

8. Meeting Hall

9. Mock Ruin

AB42 Wardenburger s\t cassette -sold out

The new 90-minute cassette from Brisbane’s Wardenburger was made in a rush to coincide with their Pacific Shit Heap east coast tour of Australia. Each side a lengthy recording, 45 minutes of what it is these people do. The air of Wardenburger is loose, but there is a focus that delivers you their poison. Their jerking is with ease, but not unworried.

Led perhaps by Henry Mills usually on electronics, Wardenburger is an orchestra featuring Skye Mcnicol on violin, Jule Small on vocals, Rohan Halliday on keyboard, Alex Cuffe on percussion, Nicola Morton on synth, Dylan Jeffries on guitar, Adam Park on bass

These instrumentations are not strict, and not is their membership either, but more importantly their music is about a trance. They will describe to you so much.

Aspects of tribal music, electronics that mimick birds partying in a forest, at times WB sound like a wayward Moondog.

Fuck Wardenburger are good.

AB41 Ffehro ‘Master’ cassette re-issue -SOLD OUT

On ‘Master’ Ffehro (Michael Donnelly and Ian McIntyre) seem to be the kings of rhythmic clatter and guitar strangulation (or straddle to the death) with long passages of inspired and boiling interplay, and shorter edits cut up, fired and fed to us.
A beautiful tonal display, recorded and edited to tape in Toowoomba about 1996 to act as a soundtrack for exhibitions in Michael and Ian’s gallery. Kind of shocking. Don’t be fooled, these guys may not be in top gear..

AB30 Francis Plagne ‘Franco-Prussian fillets’ cassette -sold out

AB39 Tim Coster ‘Ocean Liner’ cassette -Sold Out

Once about two years ago, it’s funny how time passes so quickly, me and some friends went up to the great barrier reef, my friend was a really good sailor, she had been sailing since she was a kid. Her dad used to be in Navy and taught her to sail so we headed up to the reef, sailed out, the boat slept six. She kept trying to convince us to sail with her to Fiji, she grew up there and would say, ‘it’s only a week to Fiji with good weather’, like this would finally be the news that would make us go, ‘oh yeah let’s go now’.
We spent our days drinking, cooking, drinking, snorkeling; we’d snorkel everyday and have a look down on the huge, beautiful reefs, hundreds of meters long, just us and the boat. I remember so vividly the sound of being submerged snorkeling out there, on the remote reef, with some two meter manta rays and nothing between us and Fiji.
This music reminds me so much of being underwater out there, heavy and alien noises came out of the blueness. It’s the sound of the weight of tons of water above you, just as dense, expansive and endless as the Indo-Pacific. The sounds resonate, echo and have the same dull surges of listening hard under water. This music reminds me of that warped sense of familiarity, of volume when you’re looking up at the surface; the sounds are passive as they are fragile and disorientating.


1. Ocean Liner

2. Two Adjacent Pavillions

ab40 Mu cassette -sold out

ab38 Girls Girls Girls cassette -sold out

Follow up to Borsh and another release on Breakdance The Dawn from Brisbane’s Girls Girls Girls, featuring Adam Park, Rohan Holiday, Adam Sussman and Matt Earle. More to come on BDTD-

ab37 Mad Nanna cassette -sold out

ab36 Mu cassette -sold out

ab35 Moffarfarrah ‘Mind slut universal love\Plane trip’ cassette -sold out

1. Mind Slut Universal Love
2. Plane Trip


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ab 33 Psychward Cult ‘Magnetic Coma’ cassette -sold out

Psychward Cult is the incarnation of Melbourne based Thomas Miller also of Trichotillomania, Pathetic Human and Sexofago, and business-man behind Magic Crowbar Tapes.
A sense of haunting and wandering- could be read as a meditation on romance. Miller’s vocals offering chants that float over and through the acoustic guitar work of Liam Haryono, it’s a duet of superb and transforming drone. On the A-side Psychward Cult is Miller, Haryono and Bryce Sweatman (drummer of Zingers and Chrome Dome) on treated percussion. The B-side is a one off 6-piece version of this band. True belief/disbelief.

Magnetic Coma almost takes on the beauty of a formal waltz of spirits. It could be a whole choir singing the scored works of Miller. The improvising is so in the zone, or the theme, that these people obviously work out together every second tuesday afternoon.

ab 34 Mole House cassette -sold out

ab 32 Mu cassette -sold out

ab 29 Moffarfarrah ‘Thread bare’ 7″

This is a compelling look into the world, lips and internal body parts or sounds, summoned up, examine and describe things. It’s so juicy. It’s such a pleasure to have it described in this way. Moffarfarrah is the solo vocal outlet for Melbourne’s Christopher LG Hill, who has been active for a while with releases for Sabbatical, Inverted Crux, Tape Projects and his co-owned Bunyip Trax label surfacing here and there, and playing in projects such as Bohemian Knights, Paeces, Gugg and Gauntlet, but this is his first recording of any decent length to be released on the vinyl format. And so we celebrated by designing a neat sleeve, each slightly unique, but pretty much the same, and well, listening to this on end around the house, chucking it on in the bedroom.. chucking it on in the lounge room too..

Sometimes the world seems to fall into place, for example…


1. Skeletal

2. T-shirt


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ab 31 Silk Ears cassette -sold out

ab28\S&G3 Mad Nanna cassette -sold out

ab27 Muura ‘Untitled’ 7″ -Sold out

The new untitled Muura 7” is two 5 or 6-minute recordings of keyboard drones, guitar, vocals, percussion recorded to boom box in Brisbane. Accessing a spiritual center. Channelling feelings and perhaps the energy of other people. The recordings of this person are so absolutely touching. Fall back into them. Let them make you cry. But the tones are also so pleasurable. The 7” covers are personally developed and made by Muura by hand over a period of time. Couldn’t be happier to let this record loose into the air.


1. Untitled

2. Untitled

ab26 Tom Hall ‘Sifting through’ cassette -Sold out


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ab25 Sky Needle ‘Neckliner’ Tape -sold out

ab24 Mad Nanna ‘I’ve been talking’ 7″ -sold out

ab22 Silk Ears cdr -sold out

ab21 Zack Kouns ‘Animals hidden in the waiste high grass’ cdr -last copies


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ab20 Blank Realm ‘Deja what?’ cdr -sold out

ab19 6Majik9 ‘You Cunt Be Serious’ Tape -sold out

ab18 Pissypaw/Weirding Module Tape -sold out

ab17 The Heartbeat ‘Alaska’ Tape -sold out

ab15 Morning And The Sleepy Kids ‘Songs 2004-2007’ Tape -sold out

AB14 Terror Bird ‘Demos’ cassette -sold out

AB13 Lost Animal ‘Demo EP’ cassette -sold out

AB12 V/A Your Colla, The Colour Of Mounds cdr/tape (only got cds left)

Featured on this compilation:
Dirty Beaches
Hitty Titty
Horris Matrix
Jason Heller
Jeans Wilder
Mark Barrage
Nite Jewel
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn
Pink Priest
Vlady Vivaldi


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AB11 Pink Priest ‘Infant tape’ cassette -sold out

AB10 Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn ‘Teeth’ cassette -sold out

AB8 Patinka Cha Cha EP cdr


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AB7 Peter Joseph Head ‘Normal ours’ cd


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AB6 Vlady Vivaldi S/T cdr


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AB5 Extreme Wheeze ‘Remember how many times you felt left out, well you’ll never be left out again’ cdr


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AB4 Loveletting S/T cdr


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AB3 Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn S/T cd


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AB2 V/A The Warm Cupboard LP *1st edition sold out, remaining copies will be repackaged and available soon

Tracks from:
Aleks And The Ramps
Aux Assembly
Bleak Infinity
Christina Tester
Fabulous Diamonds
Francis Plagne
Free Choice
Hi God People
Kes Band
Seth Rees
The Frightening Lights
Woollen Kits

AB1 V/A 2nd of june 2007 LP -last copies $20

Last copies available now in a final edition of 40 with unique covers painted by A. Stewart.
$25 postpaid in Australia / $35 postpaid Rest of world.
Paypal to and include your order in the notes.

Bands on this compilation:
Extreme Wheeze
Fulton Girls Club
Guns Of Saint Sebastion
Great Earthquake
Johnny Saw Horses
Low Rise Estate
Oscar’s Psuche
Patinka Cha Cha
Touch Typist

Mad Nanna- I’m Not Coming Here Launch Poster
A2 $7
A3 $3
A4 $1

Mad Nanna at Pony, poster by No Action $4

Angel Eyes\Wardenburger\Mu gig poster, by Rohan Holiday $4