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Primitive Motion “Worlds Floating By” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Full Ugly “Drove Down” 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10

Sarah Mary Chadwick “Eating For Two” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Superstar “A Toast To…” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Angel Eyes “Final Fare” LP on Bedroom Suck $24

Blank Realm “Grassed Inn” LP on Bedroom Suck/Fire Records $24

The Flexibles “Cities Of The Narrow Universe” 7″ on Nyali $14.50

Eye “Winterwork” LP on Nyali $30

The Monochrome Set “Super Plastic City” LP on Unwucht $30

Stefan Jaworzyn ‘The Annihilating Light’ LP on Kye $25

Jason Lescaleet ‘Much To My Demise’ LP on Kye $25

Good Area ‘Cubic Zirconia’ b/w ‘Bad Karlshafen’ 7″ on Kye $11

Brainbeau “0.0001 Excuses” 7″ on Good Samaritron $11

The Loop Orchestra Picture disc LP on Pulled Out $26

Sussman, Earle, Kahn “Carnage” LP on Pulled Out $26

Toshiro Mimaki “Januari 22 2000″ LP plus 7″ on Sloowax $35 -sold out

Michael Hawkins “The Sexy Times of Lord Melon” mini-comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Boyfriend: Magic, Sentiment and Bondage” comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Boyfriend #1″ comic $5

Michael Hawkins “Corey: The Dweller In The Hollow” comic $5

Simon Hanselmann “Life Zone” 62-page comic book on Space Face Books $15

Sacred Product LP on Heinus Anus/Street Muscle $24

Sacred Product 2x 7″ on Quemada $15

Ruined Fortune LP on Hozac $22

London Sound Survey LP on Vitelli $25

Gravel Samwidge “Medicinal Requirements” 12″ EP on Swashbuckling Hobo Records $20 -cover art by Lynton Denovan

Pip Proud “Purple Boy Gang” b/w “A Million Years From Now” 7″ on EM Records $15 -back in stock

Gob sampler CD-R $8 featuring Matthew P Hopkins, Exotic Dog, Emma Ramsay, Hard Hat and others

Half High “Shapeless Advice” 7″ on Altered States Tapes $10

Hour House “Stroke” cassette on Altered States Tapes $5

Wardenburger “The Wizz Fizz Around Us” cassette $7

Reruns cassette $7 -sold out

Drown Under 7″ on Special Award Records $11

Simon Finn “Pass The Distance” LP on Little Big Chief Records $30 -sold out

Pete and Royce “Suffering of Tomorrow” LP on Little Big Chief Records $25

Sweat Tongue “watermelon” cassette $10

Antony Riddelll “Toothmarks on the sun” book $12

xNOBBQx “Hamburger Hill” LP on Pulled Out Records $25

David Palliser “Vague Now” CDR $10

David Palliser music for the charles ives singers CDR $10

David Palliser live at make it up club CDR $10

Admin Bldg CDR $10

Mark Alexander McIntyre grapes LP on One Kind Favor $24

Ego Summit the room isn’t big enough LP on 540 Records $24

Put The Music In It’s Coffin Issue 5 zine $10 featuring interviews with Scott Foust, Good Area, Matt Earle. -sold out

Lucy Cliche picture yourself cassette $7 -sold out

It Hurts 33 tears 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Matthew P Hopkins nocturnes LP on Vitelli $24.50 -sold out

Graham Lambkin softly softly copy copy CD on Kye $19

Astor inland LP on Kye $24

Bleak broken & pinned cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10

Bleak live at join the dots marrickville 13.11.13 cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10

Mazurka Editions live at the pharmacy #2 cdr on Confirmation Tapes $10 features Bleak, L.A. County Morgue, Pleasure Bros, Teen Ax, Cock Safari.

*Confirmation Tapes are from Newcastle, Australia. These cdr’s are limited to 10 copies.

Mad Nanna i wanna see you 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Midnight Caller particle dreams LP $25 artwork by Michael Hawkins, comes with download

R. Stevie Moore in the history of ever cassette on Oma333 $10

Galactic Locksmith LP on Bunyip Trax $15 -sold out

Ghost Gums vertical slum cassette on Vacant Valley $10

Heather Leigh me-ba cassette on Alice Zinc $10

Good Area french antarctica LP on Kye $23

Tlaotlon calavities LP on Epic Sweep $22

Lakes blood of the grove LP on No Patience $20

The Zingers LP on Million Dollar Records $18

Endless karma, a comic by Dan Cross and M.P. Fikaris $6

Half High suspension LP on R.I.P. Society $20 -sold out

Love Chants 12″ EP on R.I.P. Society $20

Angie turning LP on Easter Bilby and Rice Is Nice Recs $20 -sold out

Red Red Kroovy 7″ on R.I.P. Society $8

Shebeen Queen tape $6

Untermorast and Invisible Barbed Wire Fence split cassette on Doctor Guten Tag Records $10

Fig 7″ on Eternal Soundcheck $14.50

Cured Pink 7″ on Black petal $10

Sweat Tongue Cassette Fast Cummers $7 -sold out

Sky Needle LP Debased Shapes on Bruit Direct Disques $22

Anton Heyboer 2xLP Rules of the Universe on Kye $32

Graham Lambkin 7″ Abersayne on Kye $14

The Losers “all cologned up and nowhere to go” cassingle $6

Free Time LP on Underwater Peoples $22

*note* the charles ives singers cd’s are all numbered out of an edition of 50 copies

The Charles Ives Singers “Automatism 37″ CD-R on Victor Records $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Automatism 35 and 36″ CD-R on Victor Records $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Live at The Make It Up Club with guests” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Baas- Live at Westspace & The Empress Hotel” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Netherlandish Music Of Altona North” CD-R $14

The Charles Ives Singers “Their Greatest Flops” CD-R $14

Francis Plagne “Tenth Volume Of Maps” LP on Lost and Lonesome $23 -back in stock

Tarquin Manek cassette on Out Of Mates Bait $7

Static Cleaner Lost Reward “$mile$” cassette on Altered States $6

Orinokoflo “Arnica” cassette on Altered States $6

Unwar “Sleep Dope” cassette on Altered States $6

Nth Wheel II cassette on do your block records $7 -sold out

The No Real Need cassette on do your block records $7

Matthew P Hopkins “Vent” cassette $9 -sold out

Matthew P Hopkins “Vent” cdr $7

Anthony Riddelll “Touched By A Mammal” book $15 -1 left

Call Back The Giants “The Marianne” LP on Kye $25 -sold out

Roach Clip “Discovery Park” LP on All Gone $22

Roach Clip 7″ on All Gone $10

The Cannanes “Happy Swing” cassette on All Gone $9 -sold out

The Bibs “Everyday I Nap” cassette on All Gone $7.50 -sold out

The Bibs “Waiting For Alex” cassette on All Gone $7.50 -sold out

Tarpit “Old News” cassette on All Gone $7.50

The Intended “Live at El Club” cassette on All Gone $7.50

Drunk Hands “Suite For Piano” cdr on Endless Melt $6

Exhaustion “Future Eaters” LP on Aarght $20

Rubbish Throwers 7″ on Endless Melt $10

Psychic Baggage CD on Endless Melt $8

Equalizer 24K cd-r $6

Nicola Morton and Simbi Dare’s ‘S & M’ DVD $6

No Fuckwits ‘Bryan’s Dead’ cassette $5

Zaimph ‘Evolucao’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Greymouth ‘Giant Squid’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Pod Blotz ‘Timeless’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers ‘A Short Visit To The City That Bleeds’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Joseph Hammer ‘Albany/Philadelphia’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Weirding Module ‘The Voyage In’ cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Housewives ‘Lick The Pip’ 7″ on RIP Society $10

Arthur Mag April 2013 with a Matt Valentine feature $8

Cock Safari/Dingbats split cassette on Altered States Tapes $6

Always “Cartoons and Television (Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday) 7″” on Whiteness & Pinkness $10

The Howling Hex “The Best Of The Howling Hex” LP on Drag City $23

Scott Walker “Tilt” LP on Drag City $23

Liimanarina “Supermarket” CD on Drag City $14.50

Bill Callahan “Apocalypse” LP on Drag City $23

Mick Turner “Moth” LP on Drag City $23

The Red Crayola “Fingerpainting” LP on Drag City $23

Black Bananas “Rad Times Express IV” LP on Drag City $23

Edith Frost “Its A Game” LP on Drag City $23

Bonnie Prince Billy “Now Here’s My Plan” LP on Drag City $23

Woo “It’s Cosy Inside” LP on Drag City $23

Royal Trux “Accelerator” LP on Drag City $23 -sold out

Six Organs Of Admittance “School Of The Flower” LP on Drag City $23

The Howling Hex “Wilson Semiconductors” LP on Drag City $23

Scout Niblett “The Calcination Of Scout Niblett” LP on Drag City $23

Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” 7″ on Drag City $10

Margaret Cho and Neil Hamburger 7″ on Drag City $10

Scout Niblett “No More Nasty Scrubs” 7″ on Drag City $10

Neil Haggerty “Victory Chimp” Book on Drag City $14

Rentboy “Clocktower” CD on Consumer Productions $10

Cock Safari/Teen Ax split cassette on Street Muscle $6

Rebel Sorts Various Artists compilation cassette feat. Moffarfarrah, Urchyn, Mouving, VDO on Bunyip Trax $7

Porpoise Torture “Seaside Rendezvouz” cassette on Bunyip Trax $7

Vogue Forums “Champagne Pop” Cd-r on Bunyip Trax/Fictitious Sighs $5

Old Growth Cola “Fossicking For Frogs” cassette on Goaty Tapes $9

Idea Fire Company “Postcards” LP on Swill Radio $26 -sold out

Idea Fire Company “Last Days” 7″ on Swill Radio $12 -sold out

Sick Llama “Resh” cassette on All Gone $9 -sold out

Grisha Shakhnes “Leave/Trace” LP on Glistening Examples $25

Pleasure Bros cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Muura cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Mslmslmsl “ayehcheyej” cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Teen Ax- Useless cassette on Street Muscle $6

Unholy Bong Militia Vol.1 Zine plus poster released by Magik Crowbar/Trapdoor Tapes $10

Golden Children Mixtape on Magik Crowbar $6

Trichotillomania- Palm Fitness Yoga cassette on Magik Crowbar $6

Ritchie Venus and L Stevie McCabe- My Precious Thing 12″ EP on Unwucht Records $25 -sold out

Mad Nanna/Pumice/Kraus/Slug Guts- Realistic Pillow Split 7″ on Kraak $12 -sold out

Bob Cadillac- Pretty Wack LP on Black Monk $22

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- IV CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $9

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- The Children In The Caves And On The Seas With The Pharisees’ CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $9

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- The Chartreuse of Cowardice CD-R on Wormwood Grasshopper $7

Currer Bells- Currer Bells LP on Quetzi Records $24

Love Chants 12″ EP on Quemada Records $24

James Rushford & Joe Talia- Manhunter LP on Kye Records $25 -sold out

XNOBBQX- Skewer 10″ on Golden Lab Recordings $23

No Guru- There’s No Guru LP on Hashram Audio Concern $21 -sold out

Wardenburger- Environments Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Wardenburger- Stomach staircase fold Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Smoking Ruins- Sun’s high and moving east Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Unwar- Activate mantis division now Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

6majik9- Applied psychosis Cd-r on Hashram Audio Concern $10

Garbage And The Flowers- Eyes rind as if beggars 2LP plus CD on Bo Weevil Recordings/Fire Records $37 -sold out

Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves- Hunting and Gathering Cassette on Uninterrupted Records $7

Hammering The Cramps- Ghosts 7″ on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $10

Muura- Songs of the minerals volume 3 CD-R on Black Petal $14

Geodesic Domes On Domestic Landfill CD-R on Black Petal $14

The Lost Domain- An unnatural act LP on Negative Guest List $25 -sold out

Greg Boring- Heavy syrup LP on Critical Heights $20 -sold out

Tailings cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Go Genre Everything- Domestic Dreams and Robots 7″ on Vacant Valley $12

Rough End Of The Stick- LP Compilation on Vacant Valley $25

The New Season- s/t 12″ EP on Vacant Valley $23

Psy Ants- Bit Tongue Prik LP on Vacant Valley $23

Andrew Chadwick- Calls Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Mold Omen- Quest For The Snakehead Tapestry Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Dominic & Angela- Christmas Music Cassette on Whiteness And Pinkness $7

Cock Safe- Staycc cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7

Extrafoxx- Love Is God Cd-r on Unique Beautiful Flowers $7

The Futurians- Chaos Manner LP on Last Visible Dog Records $24

Mountain Cult- S/T LP on Little Big Chief Records $24

Xwave- Cities On Flame LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Girls Girls Girls- Borsh LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Mad Nanna- I Made Blood Better LP on Negative Guest List $25 -sold out

Tracey- cassette/cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50

Club Sound Witches- cassette on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50 -sold out

xNOBBQx- Green Fingers cassette/cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50

Kitchens Floor- Live at Real Bad cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $6.50

Satanic Rockers- Satanic Rocking Demo Cdr on Own Time Records $12

Satanic Rockers- Eviction 7″ on Quemada $10 -sold out

Garbage and the Flowers “Stoned Rehearsal” LP on Quemada $25 -sold out

Bilders- High Thirties Piano 12″ EP on Unwucht $25 -sold out

Remnants- Surface Tension cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Tistriallal Binds- cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Cooper Bowman/Enak- split cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Mitchell Brennan- Eminant Domain/Mill No. 1 cassette on Mazurka Editions $7

Eddy Detroit- Immortal Gods LP on Assophon $24 -sold out

Mad Nanna- My Two Kids 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

The Deadnotes- Orange Trumpet LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pumice- Puny LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pumice- Pebbles LP on Soft Abuse $24

Olymbus- Bold Mould LP on Soft Abuse $24

Myrrh- Myrrh LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- They Sweetheartstammers LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- Liasons LP on Soft Abuse $24

Pigeons- Lunettes 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Pigeons- Visions Of The Valley 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Car Commercials- Prisoner Of Type 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Julian Lynch- Music for how Mata Hari lost her head and found her body 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Suspensers- Too dumb to live, too stoned to die cassette on Soft Abuse $8

Pumice- Quo cassette on Soft Abuse $8

Pumice- Pebbles cassette on Soft Abuse $8

Moffarfarrah- Fräfyne cassette on Bunyip Trax $7

Slicing Grandpa/Harshcore split cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $8

Sam Esh & Hard Black Thing- Montezuma Baby Duck LP on Siltbreeze $24

Lloyd Pack 7″ EP on Siltbreeze $11

Cynthia Dall- Sound Restores Young Men LP on Drag City $24

Smog- Burning Kingdom cassette on Drag City $9

Harmony Korine- Trash Humpers DVD on Drag City $17

Bill Callahan- Letters To Emma Bowlcut Book on Drag City $14

Smog- Wild Love LP on Drag City $24

Smog- Red Apple Falls LP on Drag City $24

Hey Drag City 2-LP Compilation on Drag City $26

Call Back The Giants- Incidents Of Travel 12″ EP on White Denim Records $22 -sold out

Tralala Blip- Meets Muttboy in Atlantis LP on Sound Crucible $22

Kraus- Supreme Commander LP on Moniker Records $24 -sold out

Wonderfuls- Salty Town Cd-r $10

Sanguine Clock- Obsolete 2006-2009 Cd-r $10

Half High- Suspension cdr $9

Half High- Suspension cassette $9 -sold out

Matthew P. Hopkins- Breathing Apparatus cdr $9 -sold out

Matthew P. Hopkins- Small Entry Poster plus Flexi-Disc on Horizon Pages $10 -sold out

Sprot- Summer Of Sprot 7″ on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $11

Love Chants- First Sessions Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

X Wave- Victoria Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

Wonderfuls- Live Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

Bitter Defeat- Welcome Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Meat Thump- Forgot History II Cassette/Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8 -sold out

Big Cups- Dogs Diner Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

No Barbeque- Outdoor Living Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Down The Range- Leo’s Bar Cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

xNoBBQx- People all over the world cdr on Break Dance The Dawn $8

Robert McDougall- Unfinished Studies LP on Angklung Editions $22

Pink Reason- Ache for you b\w Darken Daze 7″ on Savage Quality Recordings $10

Pink Reason- Throw it away 7″ EP on Savage Quality Recordings $10

Modra- The Line For The Mens Room LP on Savage Quality Recordings $24 -back in stock

Teen Anal Terrorist- Warm blatz for teenage runaways LP on Savage Quality Recordings $20

Midday Music: Brisbane 2012 Various Artists compilation cassette on All Day Breafast $8

Standard Premiums- Check Reality Cassette on Goaty Tapes $6

The Shadow Ring- Remains Unchanged Double LP & Poster set on Kye Records $30 -sold out

Vanessa Rosetto- Exotic Exit LP on Kye $24 -sold out

Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet split 7″ on Glistening Examples $15 -sold out

Equalizer 24K – Rockstar Bull And Broken Hearted Cd-r $7

Trichotillomania “Upsilon Andromedae Away Team” Cassette on Magik Crowbar Tapes $6

Sidetrack “Live At Melbourne University 1985″ Dvd-r on Magik Crowbar Tapes $7

The Mermaids “Love From The Vegetable Kingdom” Cassette on Grog Pappy $6

The Mermaids\Cockdriller split Cassette on Grog Pappy $6

Slut Duo Cassette on Grog Pappy $6

Nocastle Compilation Cassette on Grog Pappy featuring Drillbit, Cock Safari, Alzheimer Blanks, Richard Marxism, She-Bear, World Of Trouble, The Mermaids, Reunion Sacred Ibis $6

Holy Balm- It’s You LP on RIP Society Records $22

Blues Control- Valley Tangents LP on RIP Society Records $22

Kitchen’s Floor ‘Bitter Defeat’ 7″ on Negative Guest List $10.50 -sold out

Ryan Jewel ‘Infinite Light’ Cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7

Pak ‘Cast Shadow’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7
Legendary Hearts ‘Music From The Elevator’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7
Tlaotlon ‘Teeth Alphabets’ cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7
Witchuals cassette on Dungeon Taxi’s $7 (back in stock)

Redundancy #5

Post-Paul Keating cultural exchange from Andrew George McLellan aka Cured Pink. Recorded in Jogjakarta, Malang, Bandung, and Brisbane between February and September 2011 whilst on an artists residency in Indonesia from Asialink in collaboration with a raft of local artists. Diagnosis on the Lorenz Lorenz end of the Kassettentater spectrum or in step with the dumb-smart neanderthal pile driving of Orgasam (or is that Cave Rock??)

DEMYSTER c40 $4.50
Redundancy #6

New project of Jarrod Zlatic & Tarquin Mannik. Two hi-fi live recordings of Sub-Subotnik/Schintzler laptop electronics and Von Oswald/Ernestus table scraps. Generous helping of zero gravity brass/reed zounds. Jarrod = laptop, digital sinewaves, treatments, trumpet, loops. Tarquin = laptop, clarinet, sampler, processing.

Left Of The Middle Soft Rock Compilation Cassette on Redundancy Music $5.50

4 Interpretations of Erik Satie Cassette Compilation on Redundancy Music $4.50

Queen Meanie Puss- The Darling 7″ on Siltbreeze $10 -sold out

QMP were a female quartet hailing out of Auckland, NZ. Formerly known as Angelhead (then based in Dunedin) they released a cassette on Bruce Russell’s legendary Xpressway label around 1991 or so. A move north & a name change, they released their debut 7″ on Flying Nun sometime in early ’92. Then it was on to Siltbreeze for the follow-up (early ’93). ‘The Darkling’ is 5 tracks of dark, tempered, post-post punk. I guess you could say there’s a Raincoats vibe going on here, but they had to go through (pre Daydream Nation) Sonic Youth to get it.

Satanic Rockers- Eviction 7″ on Quemada Records $10 -sold out

Much like the teen who stumbles on a copy of the Necronomicon in an abandoned cabin and reads a few lines on a lark, this could could go one of two ways. Ah, who are we kidding, it can only go one way and we are truly sorry. Best to have a copy of the single on you–the soul sucking demons may take it easy on ya.

Kitchen’s Floor- Live in Brisbane 12″ on Quemada Records $22 -sold out

This is the much anticipated vinyl reincarnation of their amazing “Too Dead To Notice” tape. Remastered and cut at 45RPM for maximum uumph, you’ll think Matt and company are in your very living room. Now, whether you think that’s a good idea or not, we leave to your discretion. Best to hide the fine China, just in case.

Undecisive God- Rpms 5, 6, 7 Cd on Iceage Productions $10

This series of compositions for prepared turntables continues with three pieces that feature unplugged acoustic turntables, empty turntables and a live multi-performer recording featuring 6 turntables. Rounded out with an abrasive live cut. The liners also contain Green’s ruminations on the evolution of his turntable project (limited edition of 100 copies)

Monolith- The Lust Branch Cd on Iceage Productions $10

Monolith has taken a 1951 recording of one of Grainger’s Free Music experiments (created using a modified reed organ microtonally tuned to 48 tones per octave equal temperament, reading hand-cut paper rolls pianola-style), originally only two minutes in length, and stretched it out to just over an hour, allowing us to explore the deep microtonal worlds between notes that Grainger sought to reveal. Liner notes by Clinton Green (limited edition of 100 copies)

White Tiger A:. A:. – White Tiger A:. A:. Cd on Iceage Productions $10

White Tiger A:. A:. are a South Australian noise act consisting of members of Grong Grong, Die Like A God, Glamville, Hack, Viva Vas Deferens, Guitar Jazz Collective and Slub to name but a few. This album incorporates elements of improvised guitar noise, electronic and drone music with occult overtones (limited edition of 100 copies)

Love Child- Plays Moondog 7″ on Forced Exposure $10

A tribute to the legendary NY street musician, Louis Hardin, a/k/a Moondog. Includes six beautiful minutes of droning-mantra guitars on “All Is Loneliness” and three more.

Mantis- Who Wants To Be A Camel 7″ on Drag City $10

Released in January ’92 featuring the title track and Regalia!

Mugg- glass child, sink, floor, frosen rose Cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7 -sold out

Teeth run accross microphone head. A male coughing, heavy breathing, licking of lips, liquids in mouth. Two voices are intertwining through elements of distortion, lead interference & temporary loss of signal. Lemmings, they are drinking and being merry. The sound of a basketball bouncing, a distant brook babbling. Minimal loops & free vocalisation from a usually heavily loop laden project. Featuring members of Castle Mice, VDO, Gugg, Porpoise Torture, Slave, Moffarfarrah, Tweety, Always, Paeces, Krystoffkrvstoffiston, Gauntlet, Saint John’s Ambience, Bohemian Knights, etc. etc. etc. Name changes, comes back, changes again etc. ltd.20 copies, w/ orange cardboard covers, & white tapes stickered, in baby blue cases.

Ex-Crown “646 592 3423″ cassette on Whiteness and Pinkness $7 -sold out

out now on W&P! Ex-Crown “646 592 3423” c10 cassette! Ex-Crown is the conceptual audio project of Miles Pflanz, who used to be in a dadaist noise troupe called Crown Now when he was a teenager and does video now. On this debut cassette, there are selections of some sounds he encountered when calling as many payphones in Manhattan as he could in an 8 hour period. On the flip, there is a stand-off with automated voice technology that develops into a frustrated opus. Together the pieces create a brief, noir-ish, and lonesome comedy that make for one hell of a business card.

Pop Singles- All Gone LP on Vacant Valley Records $23

POP SINGLES draw similarities with the melodic post punk of the 1980’s (The Triffids, Husker Du, Sad Lovers & Giants), as well as inspiration from local pop luminaries Popolice and Dane Certificate. The production of ALL GONE is assured and composed, encompassing the polished sound of the groups earlier EP and 7″ with the jangly, raw feel of their cassette releases and live shows. A record revealing inner tension, hope and hopelessness: Pop Singles have made a relatable and affecting debut.
Recorded by Jack Farley at Transient Studios.

Mayo Thompson- Corky’s Debt To His Father LP plus 7″ on Drag City $25

This austere song-cycle is a collection of tunes addressing youth, sexuality and human morays in an utterly unique fashion. Barely released in its day (1970), Corky’s remains one of the pinnacles of excellence in the career of Mayo and his Red Krayola.

The Broadcast Choir- Lights Out 7″ on Palace Records $10

This volume is dysfunctional. It hurts; it ought to be musical. They aren’t nice people, and their records are reflective of this. Long songs. Recorded in Louisville, KY.

The Broadcast Choir- The Chapel Song 7″ on Palace Records $10

This volume is dysfunctional. It hurts; it ought to be musical. They aren’t nice people, and their records are reflective of this. Long songs. Recorded in Louisville, KY.

Neil Haggerty- The Adventures of Royal Trux Comic book on Drag City $9

Everyone’s favorite rock and roll band in a comic? You might not think it possible, but here is The Adventures of Royal Trux to prove you wrong. In black and white and for your pleasure, this issue delivers a compelling narrative written by the author of Victory Chimp, Neil Michael Hagerty, with artwork by Doreen Kirchner.

The Bowles- 7″ EP on Kye Records $12

The Bowles were a briefly extant Australian trio of Matthew P. Hopkins, Christopher Schueler (R.I.P.) and Mary MacDougal. They came together in 2009 and plied their craft across the patchwork of warehouses, attics and D.I.Y. artspaces connecting the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to inner city Sydney before imploding later that same year.

Although their time with us was short, the Bowles’ creative bloom was towering and unforgettable. The Bowles EP presents a six track overview of the group’s modus operandi, recorded live to dictophone in Sydney. Murky cassette montages, strung out 3am ballads and exquisite corpse-style constructs unify and define an original voice that few have heard, until now. The Bowles EP arrives in a pro-printed full color sleeve sporting Mary MacDougal’s painting ‘Getting Together’, and includes a full color Bowles postcard, in a limited edition of 350 copies.

Astor- Alcor LP on Kye Records $24 -back in stock

Alcor is the debut LP by a new voice from the Australian wilderness. Hailing from Ferntree Gully, Victoria, the music of Astor has thus far been appreciated only via a string of barely-distributed CDRs. Alcor gathers together the prime of these micro-editions and presents the material as a seductive and puzzling new whole. Field recordings of humble organic activity bend against a foundation of discreetly processed electronics/piano, creating sonorities that are as undefinable as they are unforgettable. Alcor is the ideal LP for fans of fringe position electro-acoustic study, Delphic audio confusion, or anyone who pines for the days when Small Cruel Party still roamed the earth. Mastered by Graham Lambkin, Alcor arrives in a full color high gloss sleeve, in an edition of 350 copies.

Pho\Faux Band 10″ Lathe cut $14.50 -sold out

Lathe cut by Peter King on the south island of New Zealand on clear 10″ polycarbonate.
Two 11 minute long tracks recorded at separate times in different places by the same two blokes.
Not sure how to describe this, but then thats not really our job…is it?
Heres a few words Hypnotic Chaotic Random Repetition
Indoorsman Records says: Lovely untutored repeato-strings. Hypnosis or patience test?
60 copies in olde style green paper sleeves stamped with red paint.

Andrew Coltrane- The night squad cassette on Altered States $5

Detroit’s Andrew Coltrane has been thumping out stellar sound for a coupla decades now, spread over releases on his own Hermitage label as well as a grip of the usual seppo suspects (Fag Tapes, American Tapes, Middle James Co). Following on from his recent ball-tearer of an LP on Trilogy Tapes, AC delivers a pounding slab o’ tape mannip and blistered electronics recorded straight to four-track sometime in 2010. Straight from Michigan’s smoke stacks to your skull! 60 copies.

Radio Ca Ca- Untitled cassette on Spanish Magic $7

Honestly one of the weirdest tapes I’ve heard and I’ve listened to it about a thousand times. Still rings weird. Like something you’d pick up in a dodgy porn shop or hopefully find one day in a vinnies bin and it blows your mind. Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be skipping through the radio channels of absolute blissed out synth, wandering back to days of primitive ruckus, and trekking through the streets of Mexico to Thailand, only to return to some odd homely conversation. All recorded direct to dictaphone and all out of wack; in the best way possible! I found the station I was looking for but then I lost it again.

Pimmon\Yclept Dinmakers cassette on Spanish Magic $7

Side A of this here tape is a perfect example of Pimmon at his best in a live format. Including unreleased gems melded with a couple of old favourites from his Tigerbeat6 days. The madman set this one up perfect for strange coupling with Pure Evil Trio at the Lansdowne Hotel on a Sunday afternoon. A weird one, but he made it work!
And on the FLIP (Side B) you step back to 1983 when some were boys no older than 18. That includes Mr Saxton and Masters. Founded in New South Wales, the early 1980s in the climate of Australian post-punk and industrial (influenced particularly by Severed Heads); they released a few tapes on their Stripling Bog label, such as ‘Vanished Thumbs’ (1981), ‘Klinger the Blowies’ (1981), ‘Eeleemon Machine’ (1982) and ‘Yclept Truth’ (1982?). After a period of almost thirty years of inactivity, this split with Pimmon is finally ready to hit the ears of the public! Using what they called ‘the Loopola’, live loops feeding back on themselves and slowly decaying. Turntable and Cassette of even younger gentleman of 8; totally mind-bending!

Full Ugly\Omi Palone\The Stevens\Sauna Youth split 7″ on Paradise Vendors $11

UK import.

The Strapping Fieldhands- Neptune’s World 7″ on Siltbreeze $10

The Strapping Fieldhands are an American indie rock band based in Pennslyvania, and are associated with the Siltbreeze label and American lo-fi psych scene. The band’s first live incarnation was a three-piece opening for The Frogs . During the 1990s the Fieldhands would tour extensively with The Grifters, Guided By Voices, Pavement, and Thinking Fellars Union Local 282, playing shows with The Fall, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Royal Trux and others.

Ashtabula- Unbearable lightness 7″ on Siltbreeze $10 -sold out


Sunshine Super Scum- Two reactions 7″ on Siltbreeze $10

3 Toed Sloth double 7″ on Unwucht $15

Mad Nanna- I’m not coming here 7″ on Unwucht Musik $12 -sold out

Bilders- Schwimmen in der see 12″ EP on Unwucht Musik $23 *1 copy left

A Range Of Great Diving LP Compilation featuring 3 Toed Sloth, Shoptoprockers, Exiles From Clowntown, Rock Boycott and more, on Unwucht Musik $24

Ruined Fortune- Bulls eye 7″ on RIP Society $10

Whores- Mob reality 7″ on RIP Society $10

Wardenburger cdr $7 -self release from the band

Folk You Can’t- F y k cdr on Black Petal $14

Meat Thump- box of wine\feel good 7″ on Negative Guest List Records $10

Obnox- Obnox II: Purple reign 7″  on Negative Guest List Records $10

Angel Eyes- Vice to vice cassette on Moon Glyph $8

Francis Plagne- Tenth volume of maps LP on Lost And Lonesome Recording Co. $23 -back in stock

Sky Needle- live tape on Breakdance The Dawn $7 -sold out

The Lost Domain- I need a pony tape on Breakdance the Dawn $7 -sold out

Club Sound Witches cassette on Breakdance The Dawn $7 -sold out

Muura\Mosseisly split cassette on Altered States Tapes $5 -back in stock

Oranj Punjabi- Empty Land cassette on Tristes Tropiques $7

Hi God People- nega the eight headed serpent CD on Varispeed Recordings $11 -sold out

Eugene Carchesio- trances cdr on The Rhizome Label $9

Arek Gulbenkoglu\Adam Sussmann cdr on The Rhizome Label $9

Tirath Singh Nirmala- growing into the wind cdr on The Rhizome Label $9

The No Real Need- Thistles where we slept LP on Do your block records $20

Nth Wheel- Monochrome dawn tape on Do your block records $7 -sold out

Repairs- High rise horizon 7″ on Nihilstic Orbs $11

Chrome Dome 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11

Johnny Telafone 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11

Forces 7″ on Nihilistic Orbs $11

Sky Needle- Acid perm cassette on Nihilistic Orbs $7

Asps Cassette on Nihilstic Orbs $7

Girls Girls Girls- Borsh LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

XWave- Cities on flame LP on Little Big Chief Records $24 -back in stock

Muura- tape C46 on Organized music from Thessaloniki $7 -sold out

White Woods- Tennant Creek 10″ $18

White Woods- Bellplay cd on Sensory Projects $18

Bum Creek- Crickey 2011 & future cassette $9

Mole House Cassette on Night People $7 -back in stock

Peak Twins\Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Split LP on Night People\Bedroom Suck $22 -sold out

Cured Pink\Penguins Split 7″ on Vacant Valley $12

A.Wallace\Drumheller Split 7″ on Vacant Valley $10

Pop Singles 7″ on Vacant Valley $10

Kraus- A Journey through the first dimension with Kraus 7″ on Palto Flats $10 -back in stock

The Psychward Cult- Medicinal Dreaming Tape on Psychotic Reaction\Magik Crowbar Tapes $6

La Bandas LP on Pastabase Records $22

East Link Cassette on Creep Dreams $6 -sold out

Rats With Wings Cassette on Grog Pappy $6 -sold out

Rainbow Cones- Shibuya-echo-live Cdr on Black Petal $14 -back in stock

Anthony Guerra- Empty kindoms CD on Black Petal $14

Paper Wings- Ash field CD on Black Petal $14

Antipan- Live 10th December 2008 Cdr on Black Petal $14

Velvet Hour- 3″ Cdr on Black Petal $9

XNoBBQX- Live at Veronikaclub, Parma, Italy Cdr on Black Petal $14 -sold out

Mad Nanna- I made blood better LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 -sold out

Sky Needle- Rave cave LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 *1 copy left

Ragtime Frank- The truth LP on Negative Guest List Records $25 -sold out

Tim Coster- A place in the sun cassette on Fictitious Sighs $6

Lucky Dragons- Long form cassette on Fictitious Sighs $6

Kraus- Supreme commander cassette on Dungeon taxis $7 -sold out

White Saucer\Currer Bells split cassette on Dungeon taxis $7

xNoBBQx- Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010 / Happy, Wellington, 2009 cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Witchuals cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -sold out

Richard Francis- Acid songs cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7

Chronox- Gwandalan cassette on Dungeon Taxis $7 -back in stock

Isle Adore- Lazy\anytime 7″ $10

Lakes- Crossed With Leaves 7″ on Quemada Records $10 -sold out

Graham Lambkin- Millows Book & CD on Penultimate Press $40

Primitive Motion- Certain Materials 7″ on soft abuse $10

Primitive Motion- By Arc or chord Cassette on soft abuse $7

Pink Reason Live in australia\new zealand cassette on Sunshine And Grease $10

New in on Magik Crowbar,

Hyperspace Vision ‘Starfire’ cassette $6 -sold out

Junk Sick ‘Rising damp’ cassette $6

Havittajat demo cassette $6 -sold out

Mshing & Psychward cassette $6

Trichotillomania ‘Dental frost monk\love clot’ cassette $6

Word of life church SS cassette $6

Just in, Scraps 7″ and Stag 7″ on disembraining machine $10 a pop, from brisbane.

Locked groove LP compilation on Tape Projects $20 featuring.. Moffarfarrah, Joel Stern, Zoe Scoglio, Ernie Althoff and more..

Vacuum 7″ on Siltbreeze $12 featuring the songs Walking slow, born and bled, remember breaking up, skulls. -sold out

C Joynes ‘Congo’ LP on Bo Weevil $22 -sold out

Starving Weirdos ‘Rolled in the midst of never-ceasing currents flowing without a rest forever onward’ LP on Bo Weevil $22 -sold out

Born Heller LP on Bo Weevil $22. Band featuring Josephine Foster.

Shape of Sound Vol 2 Compilation CD on Iceage Productions with tracks from mad nanna, penguins, arthur cantrill, dark passenger, galactagogue, ernie althoff, oranj punjabi, undecisive god, bonnie mercer, screwtape, admin bldg, barnaby oliver and monolith. $10

Kenneth Higney ‘Attic Demonstration’ LP on One Kind Favour Records $25 -sold out

The Spiders LP on Pulled Out records. Great guitar record by James Heighway from the blue mountains. $20

UnAustralians LP on Pulled Out Records. $20

Antipan LP. Sydney rock band. 1 sided LP with an etching. Anthony Guerra, Nick Dan, Matt Earle and Sumugan Sivanesan. Plays from the inside out! $20 -back in stock!

xNoBBQx picture-disc LP. Nick Dan and Matt Earle, in the running for best band in Australia. $20

Mad Nanna ‘i’ve been talking 7″ re-issue on little big chief records $10 -sold out

Hammering The Cramps LP on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $20

Fossils ‘Drooling hercules’ cassette on Altered States Tapes $5

new in from Brisbane’s Breakdance The Dawn label…

Emotional About The Rainbow cassette bdtd #112 $8 -sold out

Meat Thump ‘Forget history’ cassette bdtd #120 $8 -sold out

Greg Boring ‘Shit life 2’ cassette bdtd #115 $8 -sold out

Cup Cake Club cassette bdtd #86 $8 -sold out

Sprot ‘Lokyer’ cdr bdtd #123 $8 -sold out

Emotional About The Rainbow cdr bdtd #108 $8 -sold out

Lewis O’Leary ‘Eating the afterbirth’ cdr bdtd #101 $8 -sold out

Girls Girls Girls cdr bdtd #124 $8 -sold out

X-Wave ‘At the Tote’ cdr bdtd #132 $8 -sold out

XNobbqX ‘We ate it’ cdr bdtd #134 $8 -sold out

Breakdance The Dawn compilation 2 cdr $8 -sold out

Steve McCabe ‘Germ’ 7″ on Sleek Bott Records $12

Axemen ’3 Virgins 3 Versions, 3 Visions’ 2LP on Siltbreeze $25 -sold out

Mad Nanna ‘I Hit A Wall’ 7″ on Quemada $10 -sold out

Mole House 7″ on Quemada $10

3 Toed Sloth 7″ on Negative Guest List $10 -sold out

Blank Realm Falling down the stairs 7″ on NGL $10 -sold out

Scraps LP classic shits on Bedroom Suck $20

Kitchens Floor LP loneliness is a dirty mattress on Bedroom Suck $20 -sold out

Slug Guts LP howlin gang on Bedroom Suck $20

Per Purpose 12″ Implicating more than one on Bedroom Suck $20

Per Purpose 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10

Fat History Month 7″ on Bedroom Suck $10

Lost Domain ‘Blondes Chew More Gum’ 2LP on Negative Guest List $25

Drunk Elk ‘Under neon lights’ LP on Wormwood Grasshopper Records $20 -back in stock

A Band Called Life cd album. Self released by the band. $10. -back in stock

Krystoffkrvstoffiston ‘Crumbling nationss\Toads of babylon’ cassette on Bunyip trax $7

Drunk Elk ‘Senaca’s last breath’ 7″ on quemada records $10 -sold out

Garbage And The Flowers ‘Stoned rehearsal’ LP on Quemada records $25 -sold out

Ten Gram Tonearm Various Artists LP featuring XnobbqX, Cygnus, Mark Harwood, Rahdunes, Castings amongst others! $20

The new book ‘Dog God’ by Anthony Riddelll $15 -sold out

Bffth LP on Heard worse $20

Face Plant LP on Heard Worse $20

Rats With Wings 2LP on Heard Worse $25

Tobacconists 7″ on Swill Radio $11

Rosemary Krust 7″ on Spleencoffin Records $8

Rosemary Krust 7″ on Dull Knife Records $8

Pheromoans 7″ on Convulsive $10

The Polyps 7″ on Eggy $6

Pumice 7″ on Soft Abuse $10 -sold out

Pigeons ‘Lunettes’ 7″ on Soft Abuse $10

Wonderfuls 7″ on Negative Guest List $10

Eagle Boys 7″ on Negative Guest List $10

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments 7″ on Negative Guest List $10

The C & B 7″ on Siltbreeze $12

Gummy Stumps 7″ on La Station Radar $11

Form A Log 7″ on Spleencoffin Records $8

Mercy Light 7″ on I Just Live Here Records $10

Occasional Detroit 7″ on IJLH records $10

Leslie Keffer and Valerie Martino 7″ on IJLH records $10

Them Themselves Or They 7″ on Malt Duck $8

GGreen 7″ on Malt Duck $8

Hanging Coffins 7″ on Malt Duck $8

Sam Gas Can 7″ $8

Milk Teddy 7″ $8

Ryan Garbes 7″ on Arbor $9

La La Vasquez 7″ on Captured tracks $9

Tyvek Mary Ellen Claims 7″ $10

Degreaser ‘Bottom Feeder’ LP on Negative Guest List $20

Jen Paul\Jeans Wilder LP on La station radar $20

Imperatives For The Anti-Point: World Takeover little book on 3 Acre Floor $5

Lab Coast- Pictures on the wall cassette on Eggy Records $6

Ghost to Falco cassette on Eggy Records $6

Trace Figures- No escape\Lucidity cassette on Eggy Records $6 -sold out

Toning cassette on Eggy Records $6 -sold out

Pop Singles cassette $5

Terror Of The Deep cassette on Hidiotic Records $7

Dud Pills cassette on Faux Friends $5 -sold out

Christopher Riggs- Long self trained in taking despair sitting down cassette on Holy Cheever Church Records $6

Bill Corrigan- Noodlin’ cassette on Holy Cheever Church Records $7

God Willing- Emergency texture cassette on I Just Live Here Records $6

Form A Log- Funny gas stations cassette on I Just Live Here Records $6 -sold out

Body Morph- Gel form cassette on I Just Live Here Records $6




Hammering The Cramps “Stinky Weaselteeth Would Have been proud” DVD on Quality Pictures $14 -sold out

Horse Mania “Below Ambition” DVD on Quality Pictures $14 -Join Horse Mania as they battle through their 2007 tour of melbourne plus two fucked-up house parties and an art opening. Watch as they drunkenly flail through their sets amidsts toothaches, nervous breakdowns, girls, hobby forms, three-way make outs, suicide attempts, mounting hatred and a galaxy of benzos. Sold out, back in stock soon. -sold out

Lewis and Mel ‘Special Tape’ VHS out on Milkyplugg Videos $10

Hal Hartley ‘The unbelievable truth’ VHS $5